How the electricity industry is trying to block solar part 2

Following on from RenewEconomy’s earlier post. Here is the rest of how the fossil fuel generators try to discourage the uptake of solar.

How the electricity industry is trying to block solar part 2.

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What is the world doing?

Recently I blogged briefly about Costa Rica moving rapidly towards 100% renewable energy generation in the next few years. Read about it here.

Well, while our backward right-wing climate change denying government battles with the Canadian government to be crowned “Idiots of the Century”, the rest of the world is getting on with the business of dealing with the issue. Of most interest is Central and South America. What they are doing exposes the myth that coal is essential for economic growth and stability due to its relative cheapness and that, in the words of our moronic Prime Minister Tony Abbott, that it is “good for humanity”.

On that note….


Anyway, to see what the rest of the world is doing, go here.

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NSW flags wind farm planning changes as it seeks to move turbines

I really am at a loss trying to understand idiots like Pru Goward, Joe Hockey and Alan Jones when they try and justify their beliefs that wind turbines cause illness. I’m not going to rehash how stupid this actually is. If you like you can read about it here, here, here and here. Personally, I find the argument that wind turbines are ugly or “utterly offensive” even more ridiculous.


Anyway, read all about the latest nutjobbery from conservative NSW politicians here.

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How the electricity industry is trying to block solar in Australia

Photo credit: Justin McManus

Well they would, wouldn’t they?

How the electricity industry is trying to block solar in Australia.

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Reservoir at 5 Percent Capacity: Climate Change to Leave Sao Paulo’s 20 Million Without Water By November?

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Suffering from its worst drought in over 84 years, the city of Sao Paulo is in the midst of a crisis. For as of this weekend the city’s primary reservoir — the Cantareira — had dropped to just 5 percent capacity putting millions at risk of losing access to water.

The fall prompted the city’s governor — Geraldo Alckmin — to again ask for permission to draw emergency water supplies from below flood gates to alleviate catastrophic losses from the Cantareira and ensure water supplies to the region’s 20 million residents. The move would tap a river system that feeds two other states also facing water shortages — Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.  But the draw is only a temporary stop gap and, without rain, the Cantareira will continue to fall — bottoming out sometime this November.


(Dam and section of Cantareira Reservoir high and dry under incessant drought…

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So much for global warming!!!!!

Antarctic sea ice extent has reached 20 million square kilometers! Its obvious this means global warming is a massive scam concocted by the New World Order in order to inflict socialism on the unsuspecting masses….isn’t it?

The denialosphere yet again went into meltdown (pun intended) with the news out from NASA last week that Antarctic sea ice broke its record for extent since satellite records began. The usual clowns posted the usual dopey garbage designed to force-feed ignorance down the throats of their cheer-squads. I’m not going to provide the links to these idiots. They are easy enough to find if you really want to do some serious face-palming.

Now while this is already week old news, I was prompted to post this after seeing one of my friends on Facebook trot it out. I won’t go into the easy to understand explanations for why you shouldn’t compare the Arctic with the Antarctic, because it’s been done to death everywhere and quite frankly should be as commonly understood by everyone. If you do happen to be someone who doesn’t understand the differences, a good primer is here.

So, why is sea ice extent in the Antarctic increasing? Because, physics.

The important thing to take from this video explanation is that while sea ice extent is increasing on average each year, Antarctic ice volume is decreasing. Of course the other explanation is that the mind altering chemicals being sprayed by commercial jets are making us all crazy. Damn those socialist Jewish bankers!

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Antarctic Heat Heralds Hottest September in the NASA Record

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September 2014 Hottest on Record

(Global temperature anomaly map for September of 2014. Note extraordinary bands of very strong positive temperature anomaly ranging the globe with hottest zones at or near the poles. Image source: NASA GISS.)

Another hottest month on record for the global climate. And this one is a bit of a doozey.

According to NASA GISS, September of 2014 saw global surface temperatures that were 0.77 C hotter than the 20th Century average. This record beats out 2005 by a rather strong 0.04 C margin and represents the 4th month in the GISS record for 2014 that was either the hottest or tied for the hottest (January, May, August and September).

Ocean surface heat and anomalous warmth at the poles were deciding factors for the new September record with very few regions of the global ocean surface showing cooler than average temps and with extraordinary heat at the poles, especially in…

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