Propaganda v Science

It never ceases to amaze me that AGW deniers believe that cutting and pasting propaganda is a legitimate way to argue against scientific evidence. Why do they do it? Could it be that propaganda is all they’ve got? As frustrating as it is, it actually makes me smile when I encounter it because it confirms for me that the person doing that has nothing of value to add. They’ve lost the argument. But lets take scientists and politicians, the two groups targeted in most denialist propaganda, out of the equation and focus on natural systems. Individual species of plants, animals, bacteria and fungi don’t have any motives in the climate ‘debate’. They are merely passengers on the climate ride, reacting within whatever physiological and behavioural constraints evolution has bestowed on them and they are reacting. Evidence is growing of more and more species undergoing range shifts in reaction to climate change.


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9 responses to “Propaganda v Science

  1. john byatt

    You may have read the Viv Forbes letters on the justgrounds site, he churns this crap out on a weekly basis and sends to all QLD (at least) newspapers, he is however to gutless to actually debate his stupidity,

    His latest letter claimed that CO2 has never been associated with species extinction.

    My reply,

    RE Viv Forbes ( XXXXX June 23 ) I am always amazed how Mr. Forbes is able to cram so much misinformation into so few words. Most high school students could educate Mr Forbes on the association of past extinction events with elevated levels of greenhouse gases, increased global temperature and climate change. One of those extinction events.”The Paleocene-Eocene ( PETM ) provides an important analog to present day anthropogenic global warming, because the two episodes are inferred to have similar rates and magnitudes of carbon release and climate change” ( Wing et al 2005 ).

    Mr. Forbes reaches a new height in absurdity with the claim ” It was not carbon dioxide that entombed wooly mammoths in murky ice”…. When the last ice age ended 15,000 years ago mammoths were on the rise, although the glaciers were already melting, the still chilly temperatures kept the shaggy giants alive. The warming world lead to a decline in the woolly mammoths’ favorite foods, grasses and willows, but also encouraged the growth of potentially toxic birch. Rising temperatures nurtured marshy peatlands and thick forests, forcing the mammoths to struggle through poor terrain, pushing them from their former territory. When combined with hunting by early man, also short on food, the mix proved fatal for the beasts ( Mcdonald et al 2012 )

    We can deny the physics, we can deny the Paleo evidence, The reality however will prove to be undeniable.


  2. john byatt

    geoff may have been putting his comments on different posts then looking at the wrong one to try to find it ? He has two, each on different posts, he is not really bright, thinking that you would not allow a comment about a post but then allow a comment claiming censorship

    • As far as I can tell he has only made three comments. The first I had to approve and the subsequent ones were automatic.

      • There are still the first post that has not appeared and the second where I duplicated the first.

        I have screen shots of both,

      • There is still the first comment that I made that you did not post, and then I redid that comment, that has also disappeared.

        I have screen shots of both.

        Now I just made this comment and that didn’t even make it to “Your comment is waiting approval….Not a good look, Mike!

        • For some reason, these two just ended up in my spam folder so I have marked them as “not spam” and approved them. Hopefully that will fix it. I don’t know why these two ended up there. You seem to be the only person having a problem but I can assure you I have not seen any others of yours. I recommend reposting. I am more than happy to have you comment here.

  3. Was this post also prompted by the behaviour of John Douglas Swallow by any chance? What astonishes me about JDS is his willingness to carry on doing what he’s doing even when confronted with the reality of it… You have done this incredibly effectively w.r.t. his repetitious citation of propaganda in lieu of peer-reviewed science; and I have done it w.r.t. his repetitious pedantic assertions that I am a liar – and yet he is continuing to do both….

    • I don’t like to give him credit but it was. I don’t know if you saw the latest between he and I but I’ve had enough. I don’t think he’ll be back.

      • You mean where he feigned indignation, claimed the role of victim and said goodbye? Yes, I saw that; a carbon copy of what he did to me. Climate Denial Crock of the Week will be next (unless Peter Sinclair just blacklists him).