Update to previous post.

For the full story including the following update, check out my previous post.

Here is just the updated part.


Well,  just as I suspected, Geoffrey did the cowardly thing again and rather than post a rebuttal here, decided to do it over at his blog so he can have complete editorial control. What has he got to fear?

Anyway, here is his rebuttal.

Geoff’s childish and cowardly “rebuttal”

As usual, I have tried to respond at his blog but it won’t be posted despite my adhering to his rules. If he was going to be completely honest, he would change his rules to include, “Posts will not be published if they provide evidence that I am a cowardly weasel.” So, here is what my response to Geoffrey was.

My response to Geoffrey, that won’t get published….again.

Again, I say to you Geoffrey (yes I know you’re reading this), don’t be a coward. Don’t play these childish games. Man up. You are doing yourself a disservice by engaging in these questionable and very juvenile tactics.

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13 responses to “Update to previous post.

  1. How long does it take you to moderate a comment?
    Are you being cowardly as you have falsely accused me of being?

    Why not post my previous comment re your “dodgy data” and the Cooloola Fool’ s false claim about a post that I did not make?

    • Nice try. I am yet to see the comment in question. As you have posted here previously, your comments will automatically appear unless thay have 3 or more links in them. That is how I have my settings. Try sending it again because I honestly haven’t seen it.

  2. john byatt

    “False claim about a post i did not make”

    When old geoffrey’s contorted maths was fully explained and linked he jumped ship, pulled the plug


    • You have incorrectly tried to link me to a post that evidently is written by a geoff.

      John, unlike some people, I am not a coward and don’t hide

      snipped: If you continue to raise the reason I retain anonymity, which I have explained to you, you will find ever increasing frustration from finding your posts with bits snipped out of them: Mike See Rules 2 and 3.

      You might be aware enough to realize that there is more than one Geoff, as indeed there is more than one John.

      In fact I have a John in my bathroom. Funny! The input into that John is similar to the output from another John.

  3. john byatt

    I will try again

    one year old ice cannot become three years old in one season.
    five and four year old ice can become three year old ice in one season.

    get it ?

    • I see over at Geoffrey’s the secretary of the party, Anthony Cox has made a post saying that I the “nominated troll” can comment but not promote this blog. He obviously doesn’t understand that as soon as my name appears, people will be able to access my blog and of course Geoffrey doesn’t want that and we both know why. Perhaps someone needs to explain to Anthony Cox why Geoffrey wants to avoid “promoting” my blog. I was going to send an email but decided it was pointless. I’m not buying into the childishness. At first for me it was about highlighting how backward thinking that party is but I actually have a fair bit of faith that although the Australian public might vote for the Mad Monk, there is no way on Earth enough will be stupid enough to vote for Geoff’s mob and even if they did somehow manage to get someone into a seat somewhere, it would become apparent very quickly what a mistake that was.

  4. john byatt

    Not sure if this was the actual link that geoffrey would not allow but it states the same.


    • Thanks for the link John. I hadn’t seen that one. It’s quite a stark contrast having the two side by side. One can only wonder how the muppets don’t get it.

      • john byatt

        They do not seem to get much at all Mike, they think that Rio was a climate change summit, It was an Earth summit, not to be confused with the UN climate change summit later this year.

  5. The only way to dismiss the reality of the scientific consensus is to invoke a scientific and/or political conspiracy of unprecedented magnitude. Therefore, Geoff and Co are conspiracy theorists. End of story.