Are AGW deniers muppets?

You  be the judge.

They are …

Entertaining, full of stuffing, brainless and mouthpieces for their masters.

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10 responses to “Are AGW deniers muppets?

  1. john byatt

    Maybe his mother just dresses him as an idiot ?

  2. john byatt

    Geoff, let me help you understand why it has not warmed very much, from your perspective over the last decade,
    Basically, it is warming at the expected rate, about .2DegC per decade, that you do not understand the ENSO and solar cycles is obvious.

    During El nino events,less cold ocean water is brought to the surface of the tropical pacific which then allows the air temperatures at the surface to increase (oversimplified)
    The very strong El nino in 1998 allowed the global surface temperature to increase 0.2DegC above the warming trend. The warming trend is about 0.2DegC per decade, so with a near neutral ENSO you would expect that a new record would occur within ten years, which it did in 2005, another global record was achieved in the twelve months from December 2009 thru November 2010 (NASA). El nino/La nina events like solar sun spots are cyclic, they add to or subtract from the warming trend. Within the next few years the solar sunspot cycle will reach its maximum, if coupled with a moderate El nino we will see a new global warming record anomally exceeding 1DegC. Our planet has a fever


    Still waiting for my two previous posts; still waiting for you to apologise for saying I wrote a comment about Mungo….I didn’t!

    • Is that directed at me or John?

      • john byatt

        Notice here that he refers to his comment

        “How long does it take you to moderate a comment?
        Are you being cowardly as you have falsely accused me of being?

        Why not post my previous comment re your “dodgy data” and the Cooloola Fool’ s false claim about a post that I did not make?”

        Now caught out with the arctic post he claims he did not post,

        so he now refers to his comment at unleashed as a post.

        take your medicine geoff. you been done

        • Perhaps he’s trying to portray me as someone who blocks comments? I’ve already explained that I have my settings set so that once a person posts once, every comment from then on is automatically posted provided it doesn’t have 3 or more links in it. If anyone posts something that falls outside of my rules it will still appear however I may snip the offending parts and explain why I have done so. To me, it’s all about transparency.

          If he is genuinely trying to post comments and they aren’t appearing, the problem must be somewhere else, because they aren’t appearing in my “pending””spam” or “trash” folders. Besides, I have nothing to gain from blocking his comments because they are so easily rebutted anyway. I’m notone to look a gifthorse in the mouth.

      • john byatt

        Wrong way around, first it was a post, now he claims comment

      • john byatt

        When they accuse you of something, “blocking comments” then you know that is exactly what they are doing

    • Thanks for that link Geoff. The caption on the picture….if it was an wittier, I might have cracked a smile. Such a lost opportunity to be clever. Oh well, no doubt you got a chuckle out of it.

  4. john byatt

    Geoff is the only denier that calls everyone else a denier which he did as Geoff at unleashed, Mungo

    The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog: To be – or not to be – a ……/…3 May 2012 – In my opinion, this real denier is the true denier. (Or perhaps a … So, really, who are the deniers? When Al … Posted by Geoff Brown at