It’s not the sun stupid, it’s the moon!

As anyone who reads denier blogs knows, some of the people making comments are….well….how to put this…. out there. Every now and then, in amongst  all the usual nonsense, the google Galileos, the Excel experts and conspiracy connoisseurs, you come across some absolute doozies. I was over at WUWT, just cruising about, facepalming my way from comment to comment and came across this one.

Ninderthana says: “….The truth is that I was searching for a Lunar tidal signal in the long-term median maximum summer (DJF) temperature record for Adelaide. I was surprised that I found a strong ~ 22 year signal….”

How about this one?

Disputin says: “Like Tadchem, I reckon that if all major cities show a greater temperature rise than the State as a whole, then rural areas must show a decline. The only way to display global temperatures is to eliminate all urban sites. That blows AGW out of the water.”

Finally, FijiDave over at Jo Nova’s has looked up the deniers’ dictionary where words have different meanings. He said,

“Then, one day, I happened upon and the WUWT, and the heavy curtains drew aside and the light shone… and the rest is history – for me.’

Clearly by “aside” he meant “together”, by “shone” he meant “went out” and by “the rest” he means “thinking”.

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3 responses to “It’s not the sun stupid, it’s the moon!

  1. Thank you for the translation of that final comment – I was struggling.

    D-K again: What these people lack (no pun intended) is the self-awareness to appreciate the level of initial prejudice required to think that someone has been trying to fool them in the first place. To me, this would not be possible were it not for the popularity of mistrusting all kinds of authority figures (probably has something to do with so much deceitful and disgraceful behaviour of politicians, bankers, journalists, etc.)…

    BTW, have you read either David Aaronovitch’s Voodoo Histories and/or Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science… Two of the most brilliant books I’ve read recently…

    • I am lecturing next semster in a science module for students who didn’t quite get the marks to get into university. It’s a bridging course, if you like. I use Ben Goldacre and others like him to demonstrate good science v bad science. I’ll also be using a lot of Dana’s stuff over at Skepticalscience.