Denier comments July 16, 2012

I think I might make a new category where I will put some of the best denier comments I have stumbled across. These two have come from Climate Audit and today’s theme is irony. You’ll see what I mean.

Comment 1

How frustrating!

Comment 2

Ed’s come straight from the playground I reckon.

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5 responses to “Denier comments July 16, 2012

  1. john byatt

    Letter to presidential contestants,

    By Dominique Browning, Author, editor, co-founder Moms Clean Air Force
    14 July 2012

    DEAR Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – if I may be so familiar, as you are with me in your fund-raising emails.

    You are campaigning for our nation’s highest office in a year of record-breaking heat waves, droughts, floods, and monster storms. More than half the contiguous U.S. is under drought conditions. In June wildfires destroyed 1.3 million acres across the country. More than 40,000 daily heat records were broken-by July.

    Climate scientists tell us that the signals are loud and clear: We are experiencing global warming – NOW. Our climate is changing, more and more rapidly – because of greenhouse gas pollution. We have compromised the thin layer of atmosphere that protects our lives on this planet.

    The weather is sending us a clear message: Danger. Danger. Danger.

    Sirs: What is your message?

  2. Ul

    So McIntire deleated “some of the best denier comments” from his blog. You saved them. You provided evidence that there are people in the world who write stupid things on blogs. Thanks. The World is a better Place now.

  3. Tony Duncan

    as an aficionado of sarcasm on climate blogs, I can assure you the above “UI” was being sarcastic