My Site Stats – a message to deniers

Ok, this is probably a little childish but it did catch my eye and I can’t resist poking fun at deniers. My recent comments over at Climate Audit has prompted a flood of traffic from mostly deniers. None of them commenting though which is a shame. Anyway, a check of my site stats revealed this.


Make of it what you will.

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6 responses to “My Site Stats – a message to deniers

  1. john byatt

    Don’t think they will comment unless they know that the choir has joined them.
    they came , they read, they F*****D off

    can’t be swearing, pollies may be reading.

  2. Well, MIke, first you have to say something that people want to comment about. I think most people came here to trying to confirm you were the “Mike” being referred to in the CA thread rather than any interest in what you have to say.

    • Thanks for visiting ww. I thought I made some poignant points about the misrepresentation of the homogenisation conference abstract as a “paper” and even worse a “peer reviewed paper”. Instead over there all I copped was the usual denier abuse one gets when they read something they can’t deny, which is fine of course. I’ve come to expect that. It’s amusing though, how they dish it out but then get all butthurt when they see what I think of their idiotic conspiracy theories.

  3. Oh, gotta love this one.