Denier comment of the day – July 19, 2012


This denier is referring to this post by Barry Woods over at WUWT. Barry goes to great length to cherrypick a few quotes from some scientists who had taken part in the “97% of scientists” consensus survey. He takes up a lot of space for a few quotes. He also quotes a few newspapers as well and they are always a good source of accuracy. Anyway, whatever. My point is, David Ross’ opinion above is hardly a ringing endorsement, is it? It certainly gave me a chuckle.

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5 responses to “Denier comment of the day – July 19, 2012

  1. john byatt

    A BODY representing nearly 70,000 Australian scientists has criticised a Queensland Liberal National Party resolution calling for mainstream climate science to be cut from the state’s school curriculum.

    Anna-Maria Arabia, chief executive of Science & Technology Australia, called the resolution ”extremely harmful”. The central principles of climate science – including that man-made greenhouse gases trap heat in the lower atmosphere and have warmed the planet – were backed by all the world’s major scientific academies.

    70,000 Barry, get real, this is just Australia

    • It’s going to be tough for reality to sink in to environmental policy in Queensland given the minister for the environment as well as the premier are both deniers.
      70000 is a lot of scientists. I wonder if any demographers are undertaking a new survey to gauge scientific support for AGW? I don’t suppose it would make any difference to Barry. Deniers reject anything that undermines their loony position.

      • john byatt

        I see that Pearson Noosa LNP turned up at WTD, challenged him as he gets The Gympie Times delivered there, We get two or three sceptic letters a week in the paper so keeps me busy, replied to one printed 18th, went in today, very fair editor

        • I just challenged him to go to my post about it where he can read that he is a moron. I’ve asked him to provide a scientific argument as to why the graphs are wrong. I suspect he will ignore me, unless the “moron” comment fires him up.

  2. Watching the Deniers

    Spot on – I’m doing a quick post on this too. Yep the old “no consensus” myth.