David Archibald -wtf?

Well, I reckon there’s more than few kangaroos loose in the top paddock. David Archibald, the alleged climate scientist from Western Australia has written a remarkable opinion piece for Newsweekly, a right-wing online editorial offering “Independent opinion for independent minds”.  Doesn’t that slogan just give you a warm fuzzy feeling? When reviewing the content on that website it becomes patently obvious that the slogan should be changed to “Right wing loony opinions for empty gullible minds.”

So, what is so remarkable about the David Archibald piece? I’ll get to that. First, who is David Archibald? For the uninitiated, Archibald is on the scientific advisory panel of the Australian Climate Science Coalition (ACSC). They bio David as follows:

David Archibald is a Perth, Australia-based scientist operating in the fields of cancer research, oil exploration and climate science.  After graduating in science at Queensland University in 1979, Mr Archibald worked in oil exploration in Sydney and then joined the financial industry as a stock analyst.  Mr Archibald has been CEO of multiple oil and mineral exploration companies operating in Australia.  He has published a number of papers on the solar influence on climate, and is a director of the Lavoisier Society, a group of Australians promoting rational science in public policy.

With him on the scientific advisory panel of the ACSC are the usual suspects in the Australian denier ranks e.g. Bob Carter, Ian Plimer, Viv Forbes and David Evans. He is mentioned as a director of the Lavoisier Society, an even wackier group made up of individuals from mining, big business and the liberal party. he has also published a number of really dodgy papers on solar forcing. Rather than rehash what others have said, go here, and here, to see just how shonky he is.

So, now you know where Archibald sits, let’s look at his opinion piece. It is titled “Time to raise hell over the climate tax.” It drips with venom and pontification. I actually got the feeling while reading it that the writer was somewhat unhinged as he practically preached fire and brimstone like a religious zealot on a street corner. The alarmism in it puts to shame anything the alleged “alarmists” from the AGW proponent can come up with. It’s quite extraordinary. There are dozens of quasi-religious words and phrases in it as he refers to the politicians and others associated with the carbon tax. Here are some examples.

“… we are ruled by evil men and evil women — evil men and evil women who…”

“…  promoted by evil people.”

“The evil goes back a bit further…”

“The last dark deed of the Howard Government…”

“The evil that men do lives after them…”

“…and we stare into the abyss …”

“… and sold their souls for a handful of silver.”

“… promoted the bizarre cult…”

“The easiest sacrifice to make…”

“The huge sum that is spent keeping the beast alive …”

“Your sin was not a love of nature…”

“…push back against the darkness …”

It goes on with this sort of language endlessly with references to “making hell on Earth” and also referring to “paradise”.  It’s really quite bizarre. Anyway, what was of more interest to me were some of the bold predictions Archibald makes about our future climate. I for one am glad he put it down on paper again so that in the future it can be held up as the ramblings of a nutcase. Here they are…

It is an accident of history that that notion of global warming caused people like me to enquire as to what actually is going on with our climate. I am proud to have done my bit to push back against the darkness that ever encroaches on us.

What I found is that there is much to fear, but of course in the opposite direction to that claimed by the socialists.

I will summarise the findings of my last six years of research in the field of climate science in two sentences:

1) Our generation has known a warm, giving sun.

2) The next will suffer a sun that is less giving, and the world will be less fruitful.

Specifically, the current solar cycle is going to be a very long one. That will result in the climate over the following solar cycle being very cold.

The grain belts of the world will shift up to 700 km towards the equator. World grain production will fall by at least 25 per cent. That is going to be the biggest problem the world will face in the next 30 years.

What about carbon dioxide? Carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. The total warming from here due to carbon dioxide may be up to point four of a degree centigrade. Or it may even be nothing.

All we can be sure of is that it is not a problem. The heating effect from carbon dioxide will be lost in the noise of the climate system.

Yep, you read all of that right. He is basing this on his dodgy cherry picked data from a couple of his papers, each of which  I linked to earlier. One can only wonder if this quasi-religious, oil company owning, right-wing thinktank directing, friend of big polluters who claims to be a climate scientist will admit that he was wrong when that is inevitably borne out? i guess time will tell but I highly doubt it. He is no scientist. He’s a paid shill for big polluters. The only time he will change his mind is when he is told to by his keepers.

On a final note, it is not surprising that Geoffrey Brown, the official blogger for the Climate Sceptics Party referred to  Archibald’s quasi religious rant as  an “excellent article“.

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  1. What I find amazing is how skeptics think that the population is so mobile. A few millenia ago nomadic tribes could follow the climate.
    I just cannot conceive of the intelligence that suggest that if it warms you will have more growing belts in the north. Just how do you make tundra fertile in decades? just how do you tell the people of Greece that they will no longer be able to feed themselves from their parched lands? How do you tell the people of Norway they must supply free food to the south?
    700km – seems somewhat excessive!
    By the way I could not find the paper I was looking for on protein in rice but I posted an additional few here:


  2. The final sentence of the article explains all – “This article is from a speech he delivered at an anti-carbon tax rally”… I am sure the audience loved it (and cheered every time the word ‘evil’ was spouted…)

    Archibald is a real polymath – with expertise is cancer, minerals and climate. That must take some skill (or self belief more likely).

    Does anyone know what if any qualifications he has? (Desmogblog don’t and you already seem to have looked at Sourcewatch) I am tempted to email him if I can track him down… The guy is seriously in need of help.

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  4. WTF - Indeed......

    David Archibald attempted to get on the Liberal Party of WA’s ticket for the Australian Senate. Of course he did not get selected. He never does. He is listed as a visiting fellow at IWP. Here’s the funny thing. The IWP has taken David’s speech to the Liberal party members when he was asking them to put him on their senate ticket and has published this and is claiming that this speech is testimony before the Australian Senate. Poor form all round. What kind of educational institute is this?


    The page says “IWP visiting fellow David Archibald testifies on carbon tax in Australia
    Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012


    Publication Date: July 19, 2012

    On July 14, 2012, IWP visiting fellow David Archibald testified before the Australian Senate on the carbon tax.

    Please click here to read his testimony: David Archibald, Testimony, July 14, 2012

    Please click here to read an article in News Weekly by David Archibald on this topic: “Time to raise hell over the carbon tax”

    The testimony is at:


    Someone should cache all of that in case the IWP decide to unpublish those lies.

    • Thanks for that. I’ve taken a screenshot and cached the page. I have also sent an email to them asking for clarification about the “Senate testimony”. As soon as I get a response I’ll post about it. it’s probably an honest misunderstanding but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if someone’s telling porkies.

    • Further, the most I can find for anything David Archibald has had to do with the senate was the submission of 5 …..things to a senate committee on energy futures in 2009. It was his usual garbage with cherrypicked data, dodgy unlabelled graphs, defamatory comments about climate scientists and general batshit craziness. Given it was 2009, it is interesting to note that according to one of his temperature projections, we should be a whole 1 degree cooler this year than we were 2 years ago. Oh yeah and if you ever want an Excel graph, David Archibald is your man. He is an Excel expert.

  5. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    Here is a news item from The Australian about David Archibald. It looks like speculation that he is being paid off by the oil and gas industry to make certain claims regarding solar cycles, carbon tax and global warming may be correct. May want to cache it as The Australian is now trying to get $ for content so who knows when this will disappear.


    • Could you please send me a transcript? I’m not subscribed to the Australian but I think I might do a substantial post over the weekend with the info you’ve dug up.

      • David Archibald - WTF Indeed

        Here it is from The Australian, presumably, it would have been in the print version on the 28th or 29th of August.:

        Yeeda Oil hoping to cap basin’s potential
        BY: TIM MORRIS From: The Australian August 28, 2012 12:00AM
        Increase Text Size
        Decrease Text Size

        AUSTRALIA’S hydrocarbon industry is dominated by offshore operations. Accounting for more than 90 per cent of domestic production, our most significant oil and gas fields lie off the coast of north Western Australia within the Carnarvon and Browse basins. Carnarvon and Browse together host more than two-thirds of the nation’s natural gas reserves, and more than half the oil endowment.

        Sandwiched between these two prolific areas lies the 500,000sq km Canning Basin. While covering a similar area to the Carnarvon Basin, the Canning’s large onshore component has fostered a more enduring yet frustrating exploration history. Despite more than 90 years of prospecting and 250 wells, the Canning Basin is absent of economic hydrocarbon reserves.

        However, following recent advances in extraction technologies, the region has been slated to host Australia’s most significant undeveloped shale resource by the US Energy Information Administration.

        Renewed interest in the Canning Basin is driving the coming float of Yeeda Oil on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company has the right to earn partial interests in two oil and gas projects in the Canning Basin. As the licences lack hydrocarbon resources, Yeeda Oil’s initial focus is exploration.

        Proceeds from its listing are earmarked for drilling to satisfy earn-in requirements associated with its projects. As drilling is scheduled to start within the coming year, a near-term catalyst exists with the potential to drive value growth. While the company says 100 million barrels of oil could exist within its two projects, exploration is grassroots in nature and carries a high degree of risk.

        Other companies exploring the Canning Basin have had healthy investor support over the past year, and participants in the Initial Public Offering are receiving a major interest in the company. Directors are the other major shareholders, and signalling confidence in Yeeda Oil’s equity potential, managing director David Archibald is forgoing a salary during the company’s first year of listing.

        COMPANY: Yeeda Oil Limited

        ASX CODE: YDO

        SHARES ON OFFER: 48 million

        LISTINGPRICE: 20c


        LISTING DATE: September 7

  6. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    And here is some more info that shows that Archibald is in cahoots with Ian Pilmer in this new venture.

    Ian Pilmer was recently (if I recall correctly) given a paid board position by Gina Rhinehart.

    I wonder if this is the way Gina Rhinehart is funding these glabla warming deniers.


    Company Details
    Company Name: Yeeda Oil Limited
    Expected Stock Code: YDO
    ACN: Yeeda Oil Limited
    Address: Suite 3, 827 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley, WA, 6052
    Website: http://www.yeedaoil.com.au
    Telephone: 08 9272 2115
    Yeeda is an early stage oil and gas exploration company that has the right to acquire non-operating interests in 2 projects within the Canning Basin in onshore Western Australia. The Company have a farm-in agreement with Backreef Oil (a company controlled by David Archibald, a director) to earn a 50% non-operating interest in drilling reservation DR 9 (“DR 9 Project”) where they intend to drill a well in or about October 2012. There is a further farm-in agreement with, among others, Backreef Oil to earn a 22.5% non-operating interest in 4 graticular blocks within exploration permit application EPA 8/06-7 upon its grant (“White Hills Project”).

    The Company’s earn in commitment for the DR 9 Project is the drilling of one well to satisfy the work commitment on the project and the repayment of $60,000 to Backreef Oil in respect of costs previously incurred on the project. The Company’s earn in commitment for the White Hills Project is the sole funding of $4,000,000 of expenditure on the project, the repayment of $80,000 to Backreef Oil in respect of costs previously incurred on the project and the sole funding of the native title process in respect of the project. Both Farm-In Agreements are conditional upon the Company successfully completing a capital raising under this Prospectus and receiving conditional approval from ASX to list on ASX on conditions acceptable to the Company before 30 September 2012 or such later date as the parties to the agreements agree in writing.

    Ultimately, Yeeda are seeking to define commercial quantities of hydrocarbons (oil and/or gas) through it’s exploration programs and, should it prove successful in this goal, will look to develop these projects with joint venture partners.

    Yeeda will initially look to derive capital growth for Shareholders through achieving exploration success from it’s exploration programs. The business model is highly dependent on the achievement of technical and commercial success within exploration programs as well as being dependent on other fiscal, economic, regulatory and environmental factors.

    Investment Highlights

    Projects located within the Canning Basin in onshore Western Australia. The Canning Basin is an under-explored sedimentary basin with potential to host large oil and gas fields.
    The Company’s exploration and development targets are large.
    Farm-in agreements to earn a 50% non-operating interest in the DR 9 Project and a 22.5% non-operating interest in the White Hills Project upon its grant.
    Well defined strategy with a targeted exploration program. Well to be drilled on the DR 9 Project in or about October 2012.
    Relatively low cost onshore exploration setting.
    Well-credentialed and balanced Board providing us with extensive oil and gas exploration experience.

    Offer Information
    Offer Status: Open
    Expected Open Date: 25th July, 2012
    Expected Close Date: To be advised
    Expected Float Date: 7th September, 2012
    Issue Price: $0.20
    Amount Sought: $9,600,000
    Number of Shares: 48,000,000
    Market Cap at Issue Price: $12,050,000
    Corporate Services
    Stantons International Securities Pty Ltd
    Stantons International
    Steinepreis Paganin
    Share Registry:
    Link Market Services Limited
    Indep. Consultant:
    Mulready Consulting Services Pty Ltd
    Lead Manager:
    Mac Equity Partners Pty Ltd
    Board Members
    Managing Director:
    David Archibald
    Non-Executive Chairman:
    Ian R Plimer
    Non-Executive Director:
    Alexander Hewlett

  7. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    David Archibald (Managing Director)
    David Archibald is a Perth-based scientist working in
    the fields of oil exploration, medical research, climate
    science and energy strategy. After graduating from
    Queensland University in geology in 1979, he worked in
    coal and oil shale exploration in Queensland and then
    in oil exploration with Esso in Sydney. A long period in
    stockbroking in Sydney as an analyst was followed by
    moving to Perth in 1999 to work for a private investor.
    Mr Archibald was the founding managing director of oil
    exploration company Oilex which listed on ASX in 2003.
    He then joined Golden Dynasty Resources, a Canadian-
    listed oil exploration company in 2006. Also at that time,
    he was chief executive officer of the ASX-listed mineral
    explorer Westgold Resources Limited.
    Mr Archibald has also been an expert witness in the
    Supreme Court of NSW in the fields of rolling mills for
    steel works and petroleum geology. In the medical field,
    he is the inventor of a drug targeting benign prostatic
    hyperplasia. He has published a number of books on
    climate science and energy strategy, and has lectured
    on these subjects in Australia and internationally. Mr
    Archibald is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of World
    Politics in Washington D.C, which is a graduate school
    for US intelligence agencies, the State Department and
    Department of Defense. In climate science, he founded
    the field of solarclimatology which uses solar cycle length
    to predict climate up to 25 years in advance.
    Mr Archibald currently resides on no other public boards.
    Mr Archibald’s other current positions are not expected
    to impact on his ability or availability to perform his role
    as Managing Director of the Company. Mr Archibald is
    the sole director and shareholder of Backreef Oil, which
    is the registered holder of the DR 9 Project and is one of
    the joint applicants in the White Hills Project. Please refer
    to Section 4.2 for further details.

    It looks like David Archibald gets no $ the first year, but in subsequent years, he gets $250K plus super.

    Looks like an ingenious way for rich people and companies to fund pet projects and get a tax writeoff when the company goes down in flames. I wonder if ASIC really knows about the possible intent here.

    The company that they are trying to start is called YEEDA.

  8. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    And it looks like the company headquarters is actually some two bit accountant office.


    I’m tempted to buy $5 worth of shares and go to any annual meetings of YEEDA OIL and meet up with Iam Pilmer and David Archibald. Presumably, these affairs will feature Pilmer being jetted in at company expense.

      • David Archibald - WTF Indeed

        You can go to


        and download a prospectus. Save a copy for posterity.

      • David Archibald - WTF Indeed

        I won’t invest because I did that personal research on David Archibald in relation to that business of him trying to abolish The Family Court of Australia.

        I did find some stuff. Of course it relates to his family, who apparently will not deal with him. The entire vertical lineage won’t deal with him. There is quite a bit there, you just have to wiggle the search terms to find the info. I’m not going to post it. It is too inflammatory, even compared to lies about senate testimony and being in bed with Ian Pilmer and Gina Rhinehart.

        So when I joke about investing $5, I’m not going to do it because he’d get my address. Even though I’m in Sydney, he is here a couple times a year doing his stupid Carbon Tax Rallies. (I guess that’s how he pays the bills.)

        It is interesting though, to find how these deniers are probably funded. It brings to mind the union movement and their “contributions”.

        I’ll keep digging. Like a slug, there is a trail.

  9. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    Yeeda Oil Limited
    Phone 08 9272 2115

    You can call and ask for Ian Pilmer.

    I wonder how many other deals David Archibald and Ian Pilmer have sewn up to fund their high flyer denier lifestyle.

    David Archibald gets $250k plus super plus any special payments and expenses paid in year 2, even if the company doesn’t do one thing after collecting the millions from this offer.

  10. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    I’m going to research those other companies that David Archibald is listed as being associated with. I wonder if they were scams or lies similar to the David Archibald Senate Testimony on the Carbon Tax as promoted by the IWP (Institute of World Politics).

  11. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    I googled “david archibald” and instead of my normal search terms of carbon, solar or climate, I put in OILEX, the name of one of the companies that David Archibald is listed as being involved with.

    It looks like David Archibald did a similar trick of holding off on salary in order to get the job.

    In this instance, it looks like shares went from 15 cents to $1.20 in days due to suggestions that some obscure oil field, like this YEEDA OIL one, gad speculation that there was going to be a big hit and “make” the company.

    When it all fell in a heap, David Archibald “resigned” quickly.



    Oilex MD falls on sword after Rookwood disappointment

    Tuesday, 8 February 2005
    Brendan Egan

    THE failure of the initial Rookwood oil discovery to live up to its potential, and the subsequent collapse of the Oilex NL share price looks to have led managing director David Archibald to throw in the towel. The company announced his resignation yesterday, surprising partners and the market alike.
    “Oilex NL regrets to announce the resignation of David Archibald as managing director of the company, and the board wishes to express its appreciation for David’s contribution,” said yesterday’s notice to the ASX.

    “The company’s current chief financial officer, Simon Robertson has been appointed to the board and has been appointed acting chief executive officer (CEO) on an interim basis. The company is presently engaged in recruiting a new CEO with appropriate oil and gas industry experience.”

    Oilex chairman Max Cozijn said the decision was solely that of Archibald. He denied shareholder pressure was responsible for the resignation.

    “Naturally we’re all disappointed the Rookwood field didn’t turn out the way we would have liked but that’s the vagaries of the oilfield,” he said.

    Oilex made a placement of a million shares at 83c in November, which has generated some disappointed shareholders with the stock currently languishing around 30c.

    St Georges Tce speculation has it that Archibald was unable to deal with the disappointment of Rookwood. The field initially looked like being a ‘company maker’ and drove the share price from 16c to $1.00 within four days, and then to a peak of $1.20.

    Cozijn said the company would probably announce a replacement from a shortlist in about a week, “once we’ve done our homework.”

    The irony of this situation is that one of Oilex’s partners is Victoria Petroleum, whose MD John Kopcheff took more than 90 wells and almost 20 years to chalk up his first commercial discovery. Since then VicPet has made another three probable discoveries.

    • Thanks for doing all this digging around in Archibald’s closet. There are clearly so many skeletons in it that it would not look out of place in the basement of St Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai Desert.

      • David Archibald - WTF Indeed


        He is rapidly becoming my favourite research subject. There’s just so much there. It’s not likely to be fruitless anytime soon. There’s so much I’m becoming sloppy. I am sure I am missing some stuff because the link further down looks promising…..

        What I do is I read easily obtained items and note the less common terms and then search using those in different combinations.

        Right now I am looking at this ABC interview.


        That will probably yield some excellent terms to use.

        WUWT has a blog post about how 76 warmer groups are sharing $1.9 million in grants. How outrageous!


        I think that’s about $25K each.

        David Archibald is going to be funneling $250K plus super per year, plus plus plus from this venture with Ian Pilmer.

        Anthony Watts needs to have a good luck in the mirror and find something productive to do.

        Has Anthony Watts ever admitted to being wrong about anything?

  12. David Archibald - WTF Indeed

    Here is an interesting article on David Archibald’s YEEDA OIL.

    I like how they flat out state that David Archibald’s cancer drug that is on his promotional material was REJECTED. Love it.

    Iam Pilmer’s other venture has sunck from 20 cents to 10 cents in short order. I guess that is how these dodgy deals work. Collect “investments”, the deniers get paid management fees and the company doesn’t do what is expected loses money and eventually the investor/donors sell their shares and realise their loss for ATO purposes. I guess the donors can’t pay the deniers regualr money directly.


  13. Bluebottle


    re: Ann: Yeeda Oil Limited – Prospectus (iona) Trade YDO with
    Forum: ASX – By Stock (Back)
    Code: ASX:YDO – YEEDA OIL LIMITED (Market Cap | Announcements | Google YDO)
    Post: 8397732
    Reply to: #8395966 from SLAMPOIL Views: 232
    Posted: 09/08/12 12:54 Sentiment: None Disclosure: No Stock Held From: 121.209.xxx.xxx
    Announcement: YDO-597797 – Yeeda Oil Limited – Prospectus

    Think SLAMPOIL is on the money. Also it does seem to be for the total benefit of Archibald who retains effective control of the dirt. The risks seem high – especially having to drill DR9 by December or lose the block. With the lack of rigs in WA the cost of mobilisation is a killer, so the question becomes whether you can drill 3000m in the remote scrub for the sum allocated in the time. See that the ASX will not list YDO unless there is a signed drilling rig contracted, and YDO is liable to (what could well be permanent) suspension if DR9 is not extended. Good luck to anyone wishing to risk in this overly speculative venture. Far better value with small caps already up and running in the Canning. At least their shares will trade.

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