Can do? No he can’t.

Climate change denier and Premier of Queensland, Campbell “can do” Newman along with the other conservative Premiers, has decided to reneg on a decision to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme in a purely political decision. I have no doubt if fellow climate change denier Tony “the mad monk” Abbott was Prime Minister, Newman would have fulfilled his promise. So what does it mean?

Well, while individuals with disabilites and their carers will struggle on and struggle to make ends meet, and struggle to achieve basic dignity, climate change denier, serial polluter, LNP donor and Australia’s richest man, mining magnate Clive Palmer will still have hundreds of millions of Queensland taxpayer dollars spent on mining infrastructure that will only benefit him and his bank balance in the long term.


There’s nothing more to say really, other than Campbell, you’re a lousy bastard.


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  1. john byatt

    The local Gympie LNP member David Gibson had high hopes that the trial would be in the Gympie region, quite a bit of hype in the weeks previous about that.

    I think that Newman may see David as a future rival, bit of conflict behind the scenes,
    A question about the Mary Valley was asked just after the election ” would the LNP restart the Mary dam proposal?”, David said that Mr Newman would have to do without me if he went down that track”

    Did not go down well with Newman

    Gibson is a good local member in with the wrong crowd .

    • A good apple in a bad bunch. No doubt his detractors would say the opposite. What are his views on AGW?

      • john byatt

        Have not been able to find any comment from him, he was the shadow minister for climate change a few years ago,
        The current climate change minister has never mentioned climate change prior to being installed as minister, not even on his blog. It was only after gaining office that he exposed his denial, David is a member of the Mormon church, as an orphan he was introduced to that at a young age, they (LDS) give mixed messages about AGW.

        Does seem the type that would be open rather than in blatant denial though,

        bit of a media tart but ain’t they all,

  2. “Climate change denier …. Campbell Newman” ????

    When did Newman ever “deny” climate change ?

    Cambell’s position on the coal industry is explained in this radio interview.
    “Wednesday Forum – Campbell Newman Talking About Climate Change”

    Look, instead of rabid political manoeuvering, and making libellous remarks, it is time to examine what people actually state before “going off on one”.

    • john byatt

      Brisbane Times 5 june

      Queensland’s environment minister has confirmed he doubts the role of humans in causing climate change, but says he believes society should act to curb pollution and find renewable power sources.
      Premier Campbell Newman today backed his minister, Andrew Powell, saying it was “refreshing” to have someone in charge of the portfolio who was prepared to tell the truth.

      Read more:

    • “libellous remarks”? That’s funny. If referring to him as a “lousy bastard” for preferring to look after his mining mate and party donor Clive Palmer than disabled people is libel, then sue me. If calling him a climate change denier when he is sytematically removing any and all environmental protections, promoting coal mining, closing the office of climate change and referring to his AGW denier environment ministers on the record denial of AGW as “refreshing” is libel, well sue me. Actions speak far louder than words and Campbell Can Do “We’re in the business of coal mining” Newman’s actions demonstrate beyond doubt where he sits on the issue of AGW and the environment in general. Libel. too funny