Denier comment of the day July 27, 2012

This comment comes courtesy of Joe Bastardi. I think he wants Bible study at his university in Earth Systems class?

Anyway, I don’t put any credence into anything Mr Bastardi says. He might know a few things about the weather but when it comes to climate, well…..

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3 responses to “Denier comment of the day July 27, 2012

  1. john byatt

    More ignorance from geoff brown TCS

    Anyone who knows anything about science realizes that something as complex as the Earth’s atmosphere offers too many variables to be understood in a matter of mere years.
    Research is just beginning into the role of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, yet the climate scientologists claim to know exactly what effect each tiny increment of CO-2 will have on the environment.

    “Research is just beginning”,

  2. Tony Duncan

    I have seen this one a lot the last couple of years. so thought it would vie for contention

    Billy Liar says:
    July 28, 2012 at 4:36 pm
    Ah, but the Danes are sending an icebreaker up there to chop up the ice and help it out of the Arctic.

    Is there a correlation between the number of icebreaker/tourist ships going to the pole or other areas of Arctic ice and the decreasing ice extent?

    My response to THIS sort of thinking. is that if icebreakers that are a few hundred feet in length can speed ice loss in the arctic, which is millions os sq. miles, then CO2 can walk the dog, have a pint, and take two naps, while still causing ACC