Denier comment of the day, August 28, 2012

Well, over at WTFIWWAW, Anthony has blamed the new record ice melt on the Arctic storm. He is fair dinkum beyond help. Naturally, the sycophants are making some really stupid comments. Tere are so many to choose from. But the prize goes to Barry Glass for denying that there is a melt at all by making this clanger.

Well done Barry. You are an idiot.

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4 responses to “Denier comment of the day, August 28, 2012

  1. john byatt

    WUWT has done a turnaround based on

    and anyway he states, look at the squirrel , i mean Arctic

  2. john byatt

    No i mean Antarctic

  3. john byatt

    I will see your Glass and raise you a Hoffer

    “I know one thing it is NOT good for, and that is warming. Yup, all that ice is part of the thermostat mechanism. Ice gone, what happens? Well a major albedo change for one. Instead of ice that reflects incoming SW back out to space we have water that incoming SW slices right through and gets absorbed at depth. Then there’s the now exposed surface of the water that radiates more LW to space than the snow and ice that no longer cover it did.
    So…. the cooling trend begins….”

    • In the words of John McEnroe at the French Open, “You cannot be serious!” That is so monumentally retarded it deserves a special place. Maybe a Denier Hall of Fame.