Denier comment of the day 2, September 26, 2012

Over at WUWT, the denier comments are rather bland but occasionally, one denier will stand up and say something so insightful it warrants mentioning. In this case, in response to Anthony’s post about Arctic sea ice, Screwpuppy actually made sense…….accidently.


Yep, Anthony Watts is excluded from that comment, Screwpuppy, not because he’s not guessing  but because he’s not a climatologist you idiot.

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12 responses to “Denier comment of the day 2, September 26, 2012

  1. The main problem with Screwdupuppy‘s comment is his false premise “if I am not mistaken”… I don’t know what level of cherry-picking is required… to reach the conclusion that extreme events are not becoming more frequent because more heat in the oceans and more moisture in the air more of the time makes them inevitable… but my guess is this guy has got a PhD in it.

  2. klem

    Hey c’mon you guys, I comment on WUWT all the time. Do none of my comments warrant being singled out for ‘Denier Comment of the Day’?

    But I’m that annoying denier Klem, I’ve been around forever. Surely something I’ve said over the years can be a Denier Comment of the day.

    Martin, tell him will ya.

    • klem, unfortunately your comments are typical run of the mill denier comments so are a bit bland for my comment of the day category. Early on I might have picked one of yours but with so many to choose from… These days I look for comments that are really out there like the person still pushing the Oregon petition, or accidently insightful like the guy in my latest post. I highlighted a comment from Jo Nova’s where the person in criticising whoever “hacked” her site mentioned that “censorship is for the weak-hearted”. It could qualify as a comment of the day simply because the person whose boots he licks is guilty of censoring comments herself. So, you will have to try a bit harder if you want comment of the day status. It’s a big big field and difficult to stand out.

      • john byatt

        That is not fair to klem mike, just need a new category.

        “irrelevant git of the day”

        come on klem, you can do it, try harder

    • I can confirm that I got fed up with Klem 10 months ago; after he repeatedly cited falsified arguments and failed to answer legitimate questions. Those with the time or inclination to indulge their curiosity can follow the trail from the comments appended to: There is no future in fossil fuels

  3. john byatt

    The comments were great

    “Why do they only look at the minimum? , the maximum is just fine”,

    “look submarine”

  4. Uncle Buck

    Ok, this looks like fun. I might have a go.
    We all know hot air rises and cold air sinks.
    So that’s what is happenning. The Artic (Top) is getting warmer and the Antartic (bottom) is getting cooler! So the ice is melting in the Artic and freezing in the Antartic.
    Now all I need to do is find evidence to support this and it will be true!

    • Hi Uncle Buck

      i reckon you’re onto something there. Perhaps an experiment is needed. A couple of balloons, Anthony Watt’s blustering to fill one and Jo Nova’s personality to fill the other…………

  5. Old posts are fun. Let`s all hope screwpuppy aint from the Atlantic City area.