Denier comment of the day, September 26, 2012

Usually these come from denier dens but this time in response to a post about the biased reporting in NewsCorp over at Watching the Dneiers, came the following doozy. It is a small part of a larger comment, most of which was lamost as ridiculous. This really needs no explanation….but of course I’ll have something to say. First, the buildup


Murdoch may be right? Seriously? The guy is an idealogue and he is as wrong as wrong can be. But that’s not the comment I liked. it was this one….Put on helmet…

Murdoch runs an intelligence agency. ……………(tumbleweeds)………………………………………………………

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9 responses to “Denier comment of the day, September 26, 2012

  1. john byatt

    Their is a trail of Eric’s moronic comments going back years, did you know that the ice caps were not melting and sea level was not rising, thought not but Eric claims that it is so, Eric you are a dill.


  2. inkks

    The Leveson inquiry here in the UK has revealed some of the extent of the Murdoch empire’s ‘intelligence agency’. Essentially NewsCorp – through bribery, blackmail, bugging, hacking and influence pedling – had penetrated the British state to the highest level.

    The KGB would have been proud to have achieved a fraction of what Murdoch has got away with for decades.

    It was done in pursuit of business interests and political influence though, not as some mission to discover anything about man-made global warming.

    • Thanks for the comment inkks. If Murdoch dropped his ideology and put the same amount of effort into reporting the facts about man’s effect on the climate, not to mention all the other related issues that his readership consider “green” or “hippie” like habitat destruction, endangered species, renewables etc, the world would be a much better place and real action would have started decades ago.

  3. Murdoch is irredeemable. Like Lindzen, he will almost certainly go to his grave believing he is right and everyone else is wrong. How I wish we could freeze them both and before they die and then bring them back to life in 50 years time so that they could be confronted with the consequences of their own ideological blindness – and forced to admit they were wrong. Then, for good measure, they could perhaps be subjected to the 21st Century equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered – that ought to break all records for worldwide TV audience statistics…

    BTW, here’s a link to something even less surprising than the findings of Lewandowsky et al (2012):

    • Thanks for the link Martin. WtD is looking at bias in Murdoch papers here. he should have a result in a couple of weeks. Prelim results indicate 99% of the articles on climate science fall into the negative category. that is they are misleading, misrepresentative, critical of scientists etc.

  4. Limited News is the worlds foremost tinfoil hat wearers and you are lucky if you strike a single paragraph that doesn`t contain nonsense of some form or another.