Denier Hall of Fame

In light of Anthony Watts being an arsehole for revealing the private details of non-deniers who comment on his blog, I have decided to induct him into the Denier Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Anthony Watts!

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13 responses to “Denier Hall of Fame

  1. I am not qualified to enter the fight between you and Anthony. I’ve visited your site many times. I follow your blogs. I’m using your Academic content. Anthony web site is interesting, and of course in some cases, compelling. But, it does not take too long, you’ll notice that it is a party oriented site . If it is true that he has more than 4,000 visitors, why not you and your like-minded friends?
    Organize your own sites. Try not to turn this into a personal feud.
    The Sites related to “The Deniers” are very active. But the so called “Alarmists” sites are silent.
    It’s a well organized classic battle. This is not guerrilla warfare.
    All the best.

    • If it is true that he has more than 4,000 visitors, why not you and your like-minded friends?

      Because my like-minded friends and I all have jobs and lives.

      Try not to turn this into a personal feud.

      Global warming and human induced climate change will affect me, my children and my grandchildren. The deliberate misinformation campaign, funded by private rightwing thinktanks is partly responsible for delaying action on climate change so it is personal. As a scientist, I also find it personally affronting when non-scientists like Anthony Watts parade as scientists. When Anthony Watts threatened to contact my placeof work and revealed private information about me, publicly, he also made it personal. He has no honour, morals or conscience.

      • My friend,
        I completely understand your feelings. But, assuming Anthony is a hoodlum! (sorry, it’s not a good word here to say).
        The problem is, you can never be like him.
        Apparently, he is very reasonable. Even I’ve heard, he’s very shy. Behind the scenes, you know what’s happening. Because, you’re probably a victim of the behavior of a system. Anthony is just one person. But he is a representative of a line of thought.
        However, in this war, there is no cookies to share.
        I’m in favour of good ideas and I still like your scientific posts. I publish your blogs as much as I can.

        All the best.

  2. NeilT

    Actually I thought the likeness was much better before the picture was stuck up there……

    There are ways to sort this out and if he doesn’t watch out he’ll find that someone puts some effort into it. It would not take that much effort to patch together some java code to trawl his site and then re-post it on 100 other sites with suitable comments as to the sanity of the material.

    Yes it would drive his hit rate up, but the level of censorship could not be maintained with hundreds or thousands of posts. His moderators would be doing overtime just filtering out the “Dickhead” posts.

    Lesson learned though. I feel a persona change coming on before I comment to Watts again. I have just the account and handle for that.

    • I like your thinking. I might have a word to a few people.


      • Watts monitors IP addresses. I have been warned about using Anonimizers like TOR (any anonymouis ip address will be cut in future). He links names to IP address and complains that you have changed posting names before excommunicating you. (where does he find the time?)
        If you have a static IP address then he will look this up – he will then have ALL your details.
        The only way of posting is a fictitious email/name and (illegal?) utilise an open proxy. Only works a couple of times on WUWT and only once on CA!

  3. NeilT

    I guess it’s not so difficult to write a script to trawl the logs and pull out IP addresses against a list of “undesirable” mail addresses. He probably doesn’t put too much time into it. I could do that myself if I had time in my life.

    We’ll see. I post from Zurich, via the apartment wifi, which is shared. I also post from France and the UK. I haven’t had a complaint yet. Although I comment rarely and I’m usually inordinately polite whilst pointing out that they are inconsistent as well as totally and completely barking.

    I work in IT which is why most of this comes to mind. I don’t do much of the technical stuff any more but it’s not forgotten either.

  4. john byatt

    Which one is the portrait of Watts?

    All I see is what looks like a few arseholes

    two letters, one a reply, and the other an appeal to The Qld government not to amend the coastal plan prior to AR5 in the regional paper this week,

    another letter today also quoting phil jones 2010 comment, effin moron.

  5. john byatt

    Shouldn’t you have a twat there for our mate geoff?

  6. john byatt

    Thanks Mike, post it to Watta lot of shit and he will go off his brain with D irving there, “great deniers and arseholes gallery”