Deniers are deniers

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16 responses to “Deniers are deniers

  1. It's not the sun

    You should put Monckton up there

  2. john byatt

    Then again

    Earn up to $1200 per hour

    How many divers required
    injection control measures have been used in plague areas

    30 per Hectare is considered the max tolerated by corals

    reef size 15 million hectares

  3. john byatt

    Nobel prize contender, comment of the day

    October 3, 2012 at 10:09 am · Reply
    If the Sun is not the cause of the slight increases in average temperature observed and it is truly CO2 “trapping heat” then we have the unusual paradox of a system radiating less while it is warming.

    It must be radiating less to space if there truly is no other source of energy causing the warming.

    So warming causes cooling is the paradox – as only things that are cooling radiate less.