Jo Nova telling the truth

Here is a screenshot of her latest post.

“Tyrants always want to silence the critics”. I guess she means tyrants like Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre and herself.

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11 responses to “Jo Nova telling the truth

  1. john byatt

    she seems to be down again, no loss

  2. john byatt

    Mike, see members forum

  3. john byatt

    Eric is proving to be a problem, hope mike gets back soon.

  4. john byatt


  5. john byatt


  6. What’s all this Chinese nonsense?

    Meanwhile, thanks for the tip-off. In light of such stunning hypocrisy from AW (comment #1 upon Jo’s return), I am afraid, I just could not resist
    responding: “Hey Anthony, may be you can help Jo here… If not ‘tyrants’, what do you call people who publish the contact details of their critics?”