Well, I’m outta here for the next 4-5 weeks to do some of that science stuff and will only be checking back occasionally when I have internet coverage. Apologies to any new commentators who find themselves stuck in moderation in my absence. Geoffrey Brown, you won’t be stuck in moderation as you have commented here before and despite your ridiculous lies to the contrary, I do not have you blocked. 

Unfortunately, unlike Watts, Nova and McIntyre, I don’t have any brainless sycophants on hand to insult and heavily censor any guests in my absence, so play nice.

In the meantime, I promise I will work hard while I am out in the field, just like I am in the photo below. Jealous? You should be.

Field work – it’s harder than it looks…….no really it is.

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5 responses to “Fieldwork

  1. Tony Duncan

    I would be happy to moderate in your absence. think of it as leaving the house under the care of your spoiled 16 year old son for the week.

    • lol, thanks for the offer Tony. There’s no real need. I’ve only ever had to moderate a few people. One of those is the only person on my blacklist and the other two never returned after I snipped them for gish gallops or abusiveness. Plus my own spoiled 16 year old will no doubt look in in my absence as he has once before.  

  2. john byatt

    Have a good field trip Mike

    Have just alerted Ben WOWT to the latest misrepresentation by watts

    of course the claim that Gore has invested in Palm oil is now all over the net

    just not true


  3. OK, is that a recent picture? Spring in Tasmania? Beware the Devils! I ‘d be jealous, especially if that salmon (or something like that) breeding creek would be near an access road and not some 10 miles from nearest warm and dry place to sleep.