Denier comment of the day, October 15, 2012

Steve “easily butthurt” McIntyre at his denier den, Climate Audit, is the proud recipient of the COD award.  In continuing his display of butthurtedness, he has decided to demonstrate his incredible powers of statistical analysis using nothing but his eyes and his incredible intellect as he offers this comment.

As partial support for the concept of “social priming”, it seems to me that there is a statistically significant increase in the incidence of drivel in writings by activists after being primed with words that relate to “climate skeptics”.

Of course Steve hasn’t done any real test and he’s just being facetious but it does raise a few questions. First, you have to work out how you would classify drivel from non-drivel. For us it is easy. If it is non peer-reviewed garbage being peddled as science e.g. Watts et al 2012, it is drivel. If it is garbage published in E&E, it is drivel etc. For the deniers, it is the opposite of course.

Supposing Steve finds a method for accurately classifying drivel and he does indeed find a “statistically significant increase in the incidence of drivel” he then must try to explain it. I’m pretty sure I have the answer. You see, when I go to Steve’s or Anthony’s or Jo Nova or any of these denier dens and start reading, I inevitably start facepalming. By the end, I tend to have a headache and I actually feel like I have lost IQ… and the rest is history. If anyone thinks this post is drivel, well, I just came from Steve’s.


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4 responses to “Denier comment of the day, October 15, 2012

  1. john byatt

    Reading the daily mail “Hadcrut confirms cooling” my first reaction was, what a lot of drivel.

    email from met office this morning confirms that the article is a load of drivel.

    Hope your warm this morning.


    • Nick

      The red flags on that Watts story were many: the notorious David Rose wrote it,The Mail ‘delivered’ it, there were no direct quotes [suggesting Rose massaged the 'comments' from other contexts],and the graph was manufactured and used an odd metric [anomaly from 14 degrees C]. The biggest red flag of all was Watts himself. When he’s not straight up lying,he is being taken in by others.

      As for Macintyre…words fail him. At best,he’s fallen in with the wrong crowd. At worst he doesn’t realise or care.

    • NeilT

      The Daily Wail (or mong as I prefer which tends to upset people), is almost the last place to look for reliable climate data.

      Their stance has become anti everything recently. They seem to have decided that to be FOR anything just puts you in a position of having to back your stance. Being AGAINST everything seems to be their ploy today. That you can just walk away from and start bashing something else. Sort of Drive By Literary Vandalism….

      I was, once, a moderator for the DM message boards; for a short while. The rot was clear then. It is highly visible now.