Perhaps you’re not as important as you think???

I was reading the latest posting over at Steve “easily butthurt” McIntyre’s Climate Audit and got the impression I was reading some story from a petulant self-absorbed celebrity. You see, I was reminded of the story about the Hollywood movie star who at the airport was not getting the level of service he expected at the baggage check-in. He asked the staff member very loudly and angrily, “Don’t you know who I am?” The staff member very calmly said into the PA microphone, “Attention travellers, we have a gentleman here who doesn’t know who he is. If anyone can help him remember, could you please come to the baggage check-in.” How does this relate to Steve? You can read for yourself here, but here is the first in a series of similar statements from the post. Emphasis is mine.

In 2005, D’Arrigo et al (then under review at JGR) had been cited by IPCC AR4. At the time, as an IPCC reviewer, I attempted to obtain both very rudimentary information about the sites used and unarchived measurement data from the authors, from the IPCC and from the journal (JGR, which was theoretically subject to AGU policies requiring data archiving.) My efforts were totally rebuffed. I was even threatened with expulsion as an IPCC reviewer for asking for data. I tried again in October 2009 and was once again rebuffed.

As if a journal is going to release data from a paper  under review to a nobody. Especially when that nobody has a history of nitpicking denial with a “paper” in E&E.  Attention passengers, we have a gentleman here who thinks he’s an expert….

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15 responses to “Perhaps you’re not as important as you think???

  1. john byatt

    the weekend australian ran a piece yester day

    “Temperatures were warmer 1000 years ago,

    I knew the paper referred to but the author did not name it

    then I looked at his graph

    Yes he had just parroted the GPWF misinformation piece. had not even read the paper.


  2. john byatt

    GWPF Pell, Plimer etc

  3. Your post reminded me of one of the funniest things I have ever seen on You Tube – Stand-up routine by comedian Eddie Izzard re-imagined as Lego animation.

  4. john byatt

    great weekly roundup of news provided at

    much more if you request emails

  5. Nick

    I read MacIntyre’s latest with similar incredulity. One Rob Wilson,who he previously singled out as a co-operative scientist informs him in comments that the data in question is available to a large part. Steve disputes this with a convincing firm tone,qualified with a ‘to my knowledge’ Who knows with this one? Maybe he’s checking whether he’s actually gone off half-cocked. It’s happened before.

    • Yep…”to my knowledge” is a cop out but I think you give him far too much credit. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows the truth of it but the truth is hardly going to help him keep his readers ignorant. These people have to know they are lying to themselves and if you can lie to yourself, you can certainly lie to others.


      • Nick

        Yeah,I agree. Macintyre has been chewing the cud for years on that claustrophobic blog,over and over. It’s clearly obsessive behavior. So little has come of it,except for a limited life as some kind of hero in a small corner of a vast world of really dippy personal blogs. He makes a lot of being rebuffed by the palaeo community,but this is part of his schtick. Cultivate the image of the competent outsider that ‘the team’ fears and excludes. It plays well with the ignorant. There is nothing stopping him generating research projects, seeking collaboration with the broader scientific community and indeed scores of palaeos…except that inside the tent he’d have to behave like a human being,not a cartoon hero. That would take too much time and real work with obligations to others.

  6. Uncle Buck

    Why would you bother conyacting them directly, when you can just send them 60 FOI requests?

  7. Uncle Buck

    Oops… contacting!