Denier Comment of the Day, November 10, 2012

Something a little different today. I decided to check out some of the comments over at YouTube and one really doesn’t have to look to hard to find idiocy at its finest. The comment today comes from some clown calling himself patioperson. Get ready, wear headgear…oh and you better strap yourself down lest you fly off this spinning planet.

Personally, I blame the education system.

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15 responses to “Denier Comment of the Day, November 10, 2012

  1. john byatt

    Holy effin Dog droppings

    he has most of the comments here,

    greenpeace offered him money not to disclose the reality,
    has a Phd in climatology, no I don’t because they do not exist



    • Wow! I think I have a new favourite. When I pinched his comment at Youtube I congratulated him on making my COD. I hope he drops in. He’ll be fun.


  2. john byatt

    patioperson, a Utube troll for the past four years

    15 minutes ago

  3. john byatt

    Wuck, sent this into paper as a bit of a satirical reply to an anti fluoride alarmist

    Editor thought that it was a news item, no kidding and clarified

    Dear Editor,

    After reading Caree Alexander’s timely warning in The Port Macquarie Independent, 8 Oct that they are putting a rat poison, fluoride, as used in 1080 into our drinking water (shocking) I have carried out a bit of research, I have discovered that our drinking water is also contaminated with hydrogen, a rat poison ingredient also used in 1080 as tetrahydronapthalen and hydrofluorosilcic acid. We must have an immediate impact study and Federal government enquiry into just what this hydrogen may be doing to our environment. Recent studies confirm that a vast amount of plants around the world already contain these very ingredients of 1080, with 99% of our drinking water(H20) now contaminated, have these plants been contaminated as a consequence of watering ? Is it too late to remove the hydrogen from water ?
    Imas madasu
    Off the planet

    hate to think that I may have started a panic

    • That is toooo funny.  It’s along the same lines as dihydrogen monoxide which has been associated with acid rain, polluted drains, and even milk has been contaminated with the nasty stuff.


    • john byatt

      If anyone thinks that I was joking about this. No

      Thanks John!

      Kate Yates
      The Port Macquarie Independent
      3/136 William Street
      Port Macquarie NSW 2444

      • If they print that, it will be a classic.


      • john byatt

        They are all over the place

        John byatt says:
        11 Nov 2012 at 3:12 PM
        The Australian take on the US election


        Leonard Evens says:
        11 Nov 2012 at 6:17 PM
        The Australian take on the US election

        I certainly hope this isn’t a typical Australian take on our election. It is so absolutely wrong in so many ways, it is hard to see how someone could be so far off and still be taken seriously. He seems to buy into every bit of nonsense that our lunatic fringe claims to be true.

        I hope some Australian will tell us this guy is considered a nut in Australia.

        [Response: He is comedian, and that is satire. - gavin]

  4. I did not believe I would ever see one but, “oil is not a fossil fuel”, is an even more stupid comment than the recently-popular “renewable power generation is not sustainable”

  5. john byatt

    A genuine solar activity essay at WUWT, but there is always one

    Russ says:
    November 11, 2012 at 8:20 pm
    Reblogged this on The Next Grand Minimum and commented:
    This is an important paper and deserves your attention. Solar activity will be the determinate factor in the Next Grand Minimum.


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  7. Uncle Buck

    The ‘centrifugal force’ bit had me worried, so I nailed my feet to the floor just in case.