Denier Comment of the Day, November 13, 2012

Well, on the internet you can be anything. I could claim to be a brain surgeon or part of the royal family for example. I could also claim to have climbed Mt Everest or wrestled a shark. None of those things are true of course but I could potentially get away with inventing a persona like that as long as I didn’t write something that made it obvious I wasn’t telling the truth. Introducing Bob, whose comment at WTFIWWAW does just that.

Bob and his qualifications

Oh Bob, even first year undergraduates that I teach know about carbon isotopes. Surely someone with research experience in all of those things knows about carbon isotopes? Surely someone with such a background in scientific research knows how to find some basic information on the internet?

Bob, I don’t think you worked in those fields unless it was 50 years ago and you’ve spent the rest of your life since then living under a rock. So congratulations Bob, for outing yourself. Well done.

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14 responses to “Denier Comment of the Day, November 13, 2012

  1. Eric

    Bob just made my day. Hilarious.

  2. john byatt

    Writting information about science is easy, what is hard is trying to get it into laman language,

    stolen from Seve schneider, sent in last week

    Dear Sir,

    The easiest way to understand why the relative small amount of human carbon emissions is overwhelming the natural carbon cycle is with a thought experiment.
    Imagine a bath tub almost filled with water, pull the plug and adjust the water going into the bath with the water going down the drain-hole so that the water level in the bath remains static that represents the annual carbon cycle. To the bath tub add one cupful of water at a time to represent the small human contribution until the tub overflows. Now did the water overflow because of the amount going in and out via the tap and the drain-hole, or was it due to the extra cupfuls that you were adding? This basic experiment seems lost on those who call themselves The Climate Sceptics. One moment they claim that humans are only increasing the atmospheric levels by a small amount each year, the next moment they are claiming that the increase in levels are not due to humans at all but are rather a response to current global warming, only then to claim that there is no global warming.
    If you can ever work out the thought processes that allow them to hold these three contradictory ideas at the onetime then there is probably a Nobel Prize awaiting you.


    • john byatt

      too much red wine last night?

    • Thanks for that thought experiment, John. I have heard it before and it is very good. Next time someone queries the point of UK power stattions burning wood instead of coal, I will use it: It is much better than launching into a long speil about the Law of Conservation of Mass…

      Of course, none of this excuses Bob-the-snorganic-chemist from being unaware that one can identify anthropogenic carbon by its isotope ratio.

      As for contradictory arguments – none is more so than claiming technology will save us from a problem we don’t have…

    • klem

      I like that thought experiment as well. But to be more accurate, say the tub held 100 liters of water and over a period of 250 years you gradually add about .15ml of extra water. That’s barely a drop, that’s roughly how much extra CO2 we’ve added over two centuries. Wow, its the end of the world.

      It’s no wonder you people live in fear. Sound the alarm!


      • john byatt

        You seem to have missed the point klem, the bathtub is overflowing every year now due to our added cupful. I thought that the idea was fairly easy to understand but would like to read your thought experiment fully explained. to actually reflect reality

        we await enlightenment ,

  3. john byatt

    Everyday The Climate Sceptics whine about international air travel by government representatives attending climate change conferences,

    They then rejoice when the European Union backs down on a carbon tax for international travelers outside of the EU, Is that so they can now keep up with the constant carping?

  4. john byatt


    Yes think they are pissed off over the letter in PMI
    think they mean this Mike

    why the hell would you even bother though when we put up double what remains in the atmosphere and last week they were on about human contribution

    effen self contradictions

    spencer is a goose

    • I’m actually thing “deniers” isn’t quite the correct word for some of them. They need a new descriptor that means, “If someone who accepts reality says it, we will oppose it no matter how contradictory we appear. We reject everything”


      • john byatt

        have asked michael spencer to come over here for a real time debate. this stupid waiting two days for a comment to appear at TCS while he tries to come up with a clever response is a waste of time

        good description of eric though,

        • I’ll keep an eye out for him. His first comment will end up in moderation. Did your message actually get published? With UKISS in it I’d be surprised if it gets through.


      • john byatt

        Michael SpencerNovember 15, 2012 5:03 PM
        Where are you John Byatt?


        john byattNovember 15, 2012 7:43 PM
        just received an email that I was asked for here,

        what’s up doc ? It takes two long here to get comments up, come on over to uknowispeaksense and you can ask questions in real time unopposed.

      • john byatt

        Yes 5 minutes flat

  5. john byatt

    going to watch catalyst, he may turn up or reply on TCS in the morning,.