Denier comment of the Day November 15, 2012

Well it’s been awhile coming but I’ve  finally decided to feature Eric Worrall. He’s been hanging out recently at Watching the Deniers and is a great source of entertainment. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, if it has even the slightest hint of reality about it, he automatically rejects it. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch. He takes denial to a whole new level. I’ve been lamenting recently that I don’t have a special word for this kind of person. Anyway, here is a classic example where a link to an ABC show called catalyst is suggested. The show is 1/2 an hour long. Take note of the times.

So, in just four minutes, Eric viewed the post from rubber taster, clicked on the link and came back with his assessment of a 1/2 show, without bothering to watch it. Essentially he has given an uninformed opinion based on wilful ignorance. What’s wrong Eric? Afraid you might learn something? Afraid of the truth about loss of snow cover, early spring, 330 consecutive months of above average temperatures? Perhaps it was wineries moving to cooler climes? Oh that’s right, you didn’t watch it. You saw it was a real science show and beat a hasty retreat to the comfortable world of wilful ignorance where you don’t ever have to admit that you are wrong. Anyway, well done Eric. It’s yet another confirmation of sorts that your idealogy comes before facts.

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6 responses to “Denier comment of the Day November 15, 2012

  1. Tony Duncan

    But you are ignoring the possibility that he was able to fast forward through and get the key points, immediately correlate them with valid facts that contradict those points and respond at nearly super human speed.
    You alarmists should learn what Occam’s razor means!

  2. john byatt

    This guy that was asking for me, Michael Spencer has a quiz at Galileo movement.( his quiz )

    Wonder if he will turn up or insist that debate remains at TCS

  3. john byatt

    This letter that went into the regional papers this week had three prophecies,

    ?” This basic experiment seems lost on those who call themselves The Climate Sceptics. One moment they claim that humans are only increasing the atmospheric levels by a small amount each year, the next moment they are claiming that the increase in levels are not due to humans at all but are rather a response to current global warming, only then to claim that there is no global warming”.

    TCS completed the trifecta this week with their posting of the Humlum paper after parroting the daily mail article of no warming for sixteen years then their support for Alan Jones and his small human contribution nonsense.

    well done for all three contradictions posted within a few weeks denial by TCS

  4. john byatt

    No Michael seems to have changed his mind about whatever he wanted me for, oh well not surprised, would have been fun to give him a quiz though

    I did want to find out if he was dumber than eric though

    We could have the worrall scale for idiocy,

    One a scale of denial from one to Worrall where does michael spencer fit in?