Bob Tisdale – making comments disappear

Well, I shouldn’t be surprised but Bob Tisdale has personally demonstrated to me that he is arrogant but also insecure. It’s a complicated combination I know. I probably should have phrased that Bob masks his insecurities with arrogance. I highlighted a bit of Bob here before as a DCOD but this time he gets a special little mention due to his over the top censorship. I’ve mentioned censorship before with other deniers at their dens like Anthony Watts, Climate Audit, Jo Nova and Bishop Hill. This kind of behaviour can only come from insecurity and a fear of being publicly scrutinised and questioned.

About a month ago I came across a Bob Tisdale video on Youtube called “We Now Control Weather — Extreme Heat Events, Dirty Weather, Climate Disasters” The title of course is designed to attract attention but the video is basically more of Bob crapping on with his ocean heat nonsense. Well, I put my head gear on (thankfully) and watched all 15 minutes of the video and put to Bob, in the comments section, this…

Well, I wasn’t really expecting a response so wasn’t surprised when I didn’t receive one. To be honest, I actually forgot all about it. I’m a bit of YouTube tragic in my spare time and make many comments on all sorts of videos. Anyway, today, someone else replied to my comment. When I went to check it out I also saw this…

The first thing to note here is that Bob has responded by typing out my pseudonym. For those who are unfamiliar with YouTube comments, when you wish to reply to a comment, there is a reply button, just like most blogs. Hitting that reply button ensures that when you post the reply, the person you are replying to is notified. Bob, by ignoring that common courtesy, ensures that whomever he is replying to isn’t notified that there is a response. It’s a way of getting the last word in without any scrutiny. I have come across this tactic many times before from another group whose scientific credentials are questionable and don’t like tough questions…young Earth creationists.

So, I decided to make a reply and point out to Bob that replying that way is actually quite rude and questionable. I can’t quite recall exactly what I said, but Bob’s response to it was this…

This sort of arrogance really pisses me off but deep down I knew it was a mask for his own insecurites but I figured I should reply again, and lo and behold…

Blocked. Way to go Bob. Nothing like running and hiding behind the ‘block sender’ button. One can only wonder what he’s afraid of? Scrutiny perhaps? Questions about his methods? Censorship like this is akin to the wilful ignorance displayed by children when they don’t like what they hear. Well, Bob…swallow some concrete and harden up Princess! Anyway, I decided to see what it was that I had written that was so bad that it required my being blocked so I clicked on the display comment button and…


my comment has been removed. So there you have it. This is the kind of crap we are up against. These idiots know they can’t win a science discussion so they stifle legitimate criticism of their shonky assertions. The echo chambers live on.



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12 responses to “Bob Tisdale – making comments disappear

  1. john byatt

    i will give him a mention in my next letter,

    would love to see a post re water vapor feedback to initial CO2 double as a conversation between you and your daughter, enjoyed that mike

    • George Montgomery

      Galileo was a scientist persecuted by sceptics.
      Sounds familiar don’t it? Modern day blogger skeptics persecuting scientists.
      From my imperfect memory, CC theologians (sceptics) objected to Galileo’s reporting that there were sunspots on one of God’s perfect creations as well as reporting Jupiter having 4 moons (the Galilean moons). What the objection was to the last point I have no idea – perhaps there had to be a trinity of moons or it made Jupiter less than perfect somehow.
      The political scientists, Watts et al, promote the idea that “Galileo was a sceptic presecuted by scientists”.
      Which kind of substitutes the Galileo cannon ball experiment versus Aristotelian view of the world for Galileo’s conflict with the Catholic Church. (This last sentence is kind of mixed up in itself, never mind I think you’ll get the drift.)
      I’ve read somewhere that Galileo never attended the Tower of Pisa when the cannon balls were dropped, IF they ever were dropped from there.
      Now, if Watts et al were dropped from the Tower of Pisa, I think Galileo would turn up to see that. Who wouldn’t?

      • Apologies for taking so long to approve your comment. I’ve been out in the field and away from technology. Now this one is approved your comments will automatically get through unless you have multiple links. Now, as for your question…I know I would. If they ignored gravity the way they ignore the climate they could put it to the ultimate test. Pisa, New York, Beijing..anywhere there’s a tall building. You could bring popcorn, I’ll bring the shovel.

      • john byatt

        Top comment George ,

    • Glenn Tamblyn

      UKISS (Like the acronym by the way)

      wrt Tisdall and explaining OHC rises through something other than GH gases, you might find the following article I wrote some time back interesting:

      Obviously Tisdall and his ilk are off in pixie land.

      If you would like to collaborate with a large group of like minded Authors who all want to get accurate information out topeople, you might like to email John Cook at SkepticalScience. We could use all the help we can get, and collaboration helps us all.

      Glenn Tamblyn

      • Thanks Glenn. John and I have already been in contact and he has asked me to write a piece on the success of using skepticalscience as a basis for teaching “Understanding Science” at my university. One of the many things I’ll get around to doing. Cheers. Mike

  2. uknowispeaksense:

    Over the past few days, Tisdale has been posting comments on the thread to the article “Global warming and the El Niño Southern Oscillation” posted on Skeptical You are more than welcome to participate in this ongoing discourse.

    John Hartz

  3. Matt Skaggs

    If you can’t figure out how to ask a question without making it a taunt, you should be blocked. Since it is all you do (except for straight insults), you should be blocked everywhere. Heck, you would even block yourself!

    • john byatt

      irony alert

    • Matt, thanks for your blunt assessment. Quite frankly, everything Bob says is an insult to human intelligence, much more than my initial and very legitimate question was to him. He chose to ignore it, which is his right of course. he actually blocked me before I insulted him. The issue here is one of censorship. Bob didn’t want to answer the questions and blocked me to prevent me from asking him. As for blocking myself, that is highly unlikely. I can be extremely self criticial but I have a thick skin. I can take it. I have only ever had to block one person from this blog for continual and repeated breaches of the rules with very lengthy gish galloping. From memory, I had to remind him 4 or 5 times before he finally got the better of my patience.

  4. john byatt

    love it, jo nova has just replied to a letter in which i was debating wes allen in the gympie times.
    what a great day i will have, cannot scan it but might get around to a copy

    debating nova without her being able to control the comments will not be to her liking

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