more snowfall in Antarctica = more sea level rise, not less

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Potsdam institute for Climate Impact reasearch

Since snowfall on the ice masses of Antarctica takes water out of the global water cycle, the continent’s net contribution to sea-level rise could be negative during the next 100 years — this is what a number of global and regional models suggest. The new findings indicate that this effect to a large extent is offset by changes in the ice-flow dynamics. Snow piling up on the ice is heavy and hence exerts pressure — the higher the ice the more pressure. Because additional snowfall elevates the grounded ice-sheet but less so the floating ice shelves, it flows more rapidly towards the coast of Antarctica where it eventually breaks off into icebergs and elevates sea level.
“Sea-level is rising — that is a fact”
A number of processes are relevant for ice-loss in Antarctica, most notably to sub-shelf melting caused by warming of the surrounding ocean water. These phenomena explain the already observed contribution to sea-level rise.
“We now know that snowfall in Antarctica will not save us from sea-level rise,” says second author Anders Levermann, research domain co-chair at PIK and a lead author of the sea-level change chapter of the upcoming IPCC’s 5th assessment report. “Sea level is rising — that is a fact. Now we need to understand how quickly we have to adapt our coastal infrastructure; and that depends on how much CO2 we keep emitting into the atmosphere,” Levermann concludes.

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6 responses to “more snowfall in Antarctica = more sea level rise, not less

  1. Sou

    John, that’s interesting though not at all comforting is it. Here’s a link to the paper in Nature:

    You need a subscription to read it but it has some good charts you can look at for free.

    Sou (with a new website – additional, not a replacement.)

    • john byatt

      Sou looked at your additional site, Now where are some of those deniers comments on the coppers site, you have me salvitating

  2. Sou

    Hi John, I was just thinking that I concentrated on HotCopper’s rampant misogyny at the expense of their weird and wacky posts about climate. I’ll see what I can put together over the next day or so. After that I won’t have much time for several weeks.

    Some of them are truly hilarious. Others are mindbogglingly stupid or mind-numbingly boring. Others are frighteningly angry. Denier share traders fall into a few different categories – gives me an idea for a fun angle on my next article :) (I wish I could draw – cartoons would be a great way to send them up.)

  3. Sou

    Hi John, I’ve posted a long-ish article describing a handful of the most prolific deniers. Not sure how it will read – I’m not a natural comedian, having a fairly dry sense of humour. Over time I’ll put up some of the actual comments they’ve made on HotCopper.

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