27 years and counting


Any dickhead who keeps saying we’re cooling is living in a fantasy world where short term imaginary trend lines originating from cherrypicked data points constitutes good science.


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9 responses to “27 years and counting

  1. john byatt

    Interesting, “superior secularist minds over religious ones”

    Must have hit a nerve
    Geoff Brown
    The climate sceptics blog discussing Robyn Williams

    The sweeping generalisations about anti-sciencism, the nods about superior secularist minds over religious ones and the winks acknowledging one’s sounder psychological wellbeing over your enemy: it’s breathtakingly smug.

    Perhaps he’s been doing it so long that there’s no longer any sense of danger about this.

    • A bit of self realisation perhaps? Perhaps he’s actually a 6WS rather than a 7. Still beyond hope though. I’ve stopped looking over there because the stupidity does my head in.   


      • john byatt

        We had a letter (sunshine coast daily) having a go at me as usual from a bloke who would put a god botherer creationist letter in every week before global warming debate really got going, his letter was that CO2 CFC’s are heavier then air

        I have replied and finished off with

        Now stop your ridiculous scientific charade and explain to all. The real reason that you do not even accept the idea that humans could be the instigators of their own demisel

  2. Mark Porter

    Anyone know when the last record cold month was?

  3. Mark Porter

    Thanks for that (I was being a bit lazy).
    I had a look at NOAA’s website and they say the coldest year (Jan To Oct) was 1910.
    The latest paper cited is:
    Smith et al., 2008, Improvements to NOAA’s Historical Merged Land-Ocean Surface Temperature Analysis (1880-2006), J. Climate., 21, 2283-2293
    Do you have access?