Proponent comment of the day March 12, 2013

The people who frequent the excellent Watching the Denier’s blog are familiar with the class clown, Eric Worrall. He is …… nevermind. Let’s just say that out of the top 100 denier memes featured over at SkepticalScience, he has so far uttered about 65 of them. I’ve done a few DOCD’s on him here, here and here. I also did a longer piece here. Anyway, in a particularly epic comment thread, Eric had been spouting his usual nonsense, this time talking about shooting all the crocodiles in Australia because they are child killers and shifting the polar bears to the Antarctic….no, I’m not kidding, when along comes the voice of reason, Nick. I don’t need to analyze or explain anything about  this comment because it is perfectly self-explanatory. Here it is, and thankyou Nick…




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3 responses to “Proponent comment of the day March 12, 2013

  1. Lazarus

    Excellent comment. I have used a similar argument; Why are think tanks and big oil funding scientists to give talks and write opinion pieces? Why not fund science?

    • They would probably say something like, “We’re petrochemists and geologists, that is our area of expertise so that is where we funnel our research money. Oh by the way, Bob Carter says………”


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