Anthony Watts’ hypocrisy is off the chart.

Talk about a lack of self-awareness. Anthony crybaby Watts is all up in arms about a comment James Hansen has made about the Canadian government when it comes to climate change. In order to assert that the government was less evolved in its thinking on climate change he referred to them as neanderthals.  Shocking I know. What a terrible, terrible thing to say. This is what Crybaby Watts thinks…

ugly comments So, Anthony doesn’t like ugly comments about people? Well, he goes on to reproduce a letter from someone called ‘Niall from Canada’ who is calling on Anthony and his sycophants for help in what is clearly a heinous act. Here is what ‘Niall from Canada’ says…

hypocrisy101So Hansen referring to the Canadian government as neanderthals is not ok but referring to Hansen as a ‘grotesque charlatan’ is? Am I missing something here? Anyway, a scroll through the comments on this silly piece from Anthony reveals a number of what most sane people would consider ‘ugly comments’. These include Hansen being referred to as a dimwitted lout, certifiable, racist, prehominid, fiend, jerk, useful idiot, corrupt, ugly, insane, crazy, shyster, grumpy old incompetent, unhinged, enemy of humanity, deranged, advocate of mass slaughter, village idiot, and the list goes on. No shortage of ‘ugly comments’ directed at Hansen. This one however, takes the cake. It is just part of a long, deluded rant from some idiot called “Bill from Nevada”…

seriously derangedSo where is Crybaby Watts’ concern about ‘ugly comments’? Does it not apply to his sycophants and flying monkeys? Where is his and their self-awareness? Personally, I think it’s all quite sad yet at the same time amusing. Again I am reminded of the terrible singers who turn up at Idol auditions thinking they are the best singers of all time only to be told how awful they truly are and then walk away asking “What would Simon Cowell know anyway?”


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4 responses to “Anthony Watts’ hypocrisy is off the chart.

  1. Yes, indeed. The lack of self-awareness is quite remarkable.

  2. George Montgomery

    Watts is in the same league as Joanne Codling (stage name: Nova) who sanctimoniously chided one commenter with the line: “We only do science here, Barry”, while allowing her lick-spittle groupies to pile personal insult upon personal insult on Barry in the comments following her admonition.

    • Nick

      “We only do ‘sciency’ here,Barry” would have been more apt. She has a hide ,does Coddles.

  3. Sou

    They do get a bit carried away from time to time. Well, a lot of the time. Well, practically all the time.

    Today he posted two articles espousing conspiracies of the paranoid kind. In one of them he even demonstrated recursive fury (his conspiracy theory evolved when faced with facts as described in Recursive Fury) – while complaining about the Recursive Fury paper ‘smearing’ decent law abiding conspiracy theorists!

    Absolutely no self awareness or sense of irony!