Proponent comment of the day, June 11, 2013

Over at the excellent site, Watching the Deniers, a number of us go into the comment sections to deal with serial trolls whose constant regurgitation of stupid, much debunked climate change denier memes  drives us to distraction. It is frustrating, but important. Today, John Havery Samuel summed up what’s going on…beautifully by quoting from a FB page called the Global Ecologist. The fact that deniers don’t get this, is beyond me. He quotes…

If any scientist had a coherent and sensible scientific revelation that we needn’t be worried about fossil-fuel greenhouse-gas emissions causing a dangerous global warming problem, that scientist would write what would very quickly become the most celebrated research paper ever published. The publication would be in one of the world’s most prestigious science journals, and that journal would be proud to have the honor and privilege. Literally hundreds of other scientists would quickly validate the research, and the author of the paper would become the most famously celebrated scientist in history.

Every last one of us — scientist or layperson, conservative or liberal, religious or not — shares the same confirmation bias: we would strongly prefer that the problem of global warming were not real and not serious. Those of us who do understand the science would be the first in line to shake the hero’s hand and thank them for delivering the best news civilization has ever gotten.

But that’s not reality. We are experiencing, all at once, not just global warming but the entire suite of climate change phenomena that go along with it. Unprecedented droughts. Unprecedented heatwaves. Unprecedented storms. Unprecedented floods. Unprecedented precipitation events. Such a high ratio of new record high temperatures to new record low temperatures that it would be statistically impossible without a definite global warming trend (and that ratio is growing). Earth’s perennial ice is melting — including the entire north polar ice cap.

Who predicted 25 years ago that these things were going to happen?

These phenomena were, in fact, predicted by the very same scientists who say that carbon emissions from burning enormous amounts of fossil fuels are building up in Earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming — as originally predicted in 1896.

Well said.

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5 responses to “Proponent comment of the day, June 11, 2013

  1. Watching the Deniers

    JHS wrote a brilliant few passages there. I’m re-posting as well.

    • I didn’t write that, I reposted it. I have used a similar argument in the past, both in writing and in person, but, this time, I just cut’n’pasted. Who could resist the lure of resetting the paradigm? Poor Lu, of the university I attended, couldn’t resist – he just fails to attain….

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  3. Fantastic comment. The idea that scientists somehow benefit from toeing some kind of party line has always seemed an extremely strange view to hold. It’s clear that many/most scientists would very much like to do research that had long-lasting impact and changed our current understanding of how things work. That’s the ideal of most scientists and to suggest otherwise is absurd.