The wind rally in Canberra

delingpile at the barricades

That was everybody’s favourite clown, James Delingpile. It’s a shame he didn’t come down to “be there at the barricades” to see the fantastic turnout. There must have been a t least 1000 people……oh hang on, that was the other rally. You know, the pro-renewables rally being held a the same time? So, how many people did turn out to the anti-wind rally? A picture tells a thousand words and I think this photo doing the rounds sums it up nicely.


Oh dear, with all the hype about it on the nutty stopthesethings website you’d think there would be a bigger turnout. With cows dying, chickens being born with crossed beaks and people suffering from premature ageing due to wind turbines, you’d think there would have been a bigger response to the call out…

we will prevail

from the West Australian:

Alan Jones has lost a battle of the “wind wars”, with a rally against wind farms headlined by the radio shock jock failing to draw large crowds to Parliament House.

The lacklustre attendance at Tuesday’s protest was seized upon by supporters of clean energy, who claimed victory in the “wind wars” by staging a much larger counter rally in Canberra’s city centre.

The anti-wind farm website had encouraged participants to bring deckchairs for the event on the front lawn of parliament.

But only about 100 people turned up to rally against the “fraud” of wind farms, which they claim destroy rural communities and cause illness through turbine noise.

There were signs claiming “Wind Wrecks Health and Jobs” and “Wind Power Will Cost the Earth”, but none of the “Ditch the Witch” placards that caused a stir at the last major climate protest hosted by Mr Jones.

The Sydney radio host paid tribute to those who attended but conceded numbers were down.

“There aren’t a lot of people here,” he told the rally on Tuesday.

“They don’t have the time, they don’t have the resources to be able to make the kind of statement they want to make.”

Organisers of the counter rally claimed more than 1000 attendees in support of clean energy.

The “Rally 4 Renewables”, staged by activist groups GetUp and Friends of the Earth, was attended by Australian Greens leader Christine Milne, independent MP Tony Windsor and parliamentary secretary for climate change Yvette D’Ath.

Liberal senator Chris Back attended the anti-wind rally but independent South Australian senator Nick Xenophon was a no-show, despite being invited to speak.

Senator Xenophon said he remained “fully committed” to a bill he co-sponsored on wind turbine noise, and didn’t want his absence from the rally to be misinterpreted.

Original article here.

So, what could possibly have been the problem? Where were the countless hoards? Such a serious issue should have drawn thousands  of protestors. I’m guessing there are two distinct possibilities. Either, they were all too sick from Wind Turbine Syndrome to attend, or the more realistic is, everyone knows these people are all suffering from nothing more than NIMBY syndrome and are potentially a little bit ummmmm nuts, and most rational people want action on climate change and see wind power as an important part of that action. Of course, the conspiracy theorists amongst the nutty windbaggers will say something like this…

excuses beginYep. That’s it Neville. It’s a conspiracy to keep you all in the dark. I personally find this amusing because I didn’t know about the pro-renewables rally but did know about the windbagger one and I too am a “daily news reader and watcher”. Just sayin’.

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5 responses to “The wind rally in Canberra

  1. john byatt

    The all piss and wind rally was reported by crikey

    Gus Gardner from the Western Victoria outpost of Macarthur had driven 14 hours to Capital Hill and seemed like a good bloke. He told Crikey that 120 turbines co-owned by AGL and Meridian (in turn owned by the New Zealand government) had recently “shut down” his ultrafine shedded sheep business. And his pee frequency and sleep patterns had taken a turn.
    “We can hear the audible, but we can’t hear the inaudible,” he said. “That’s what they call low-frequency noise, and that’s the one that’s the killer, that’s the one that they used against the Nazis during the Second World War.”
    He says the turbines cause “irregular urinary habits”. But the real problem is falling property prices.
    “Our property is now worthless, if we went to sell it no one would buy it. There is evidence out there, but the media are not playing along with it. The public will never understand because the media will not tell them. The only way it will get out there is if someone dies and pays the ultimate price,” he said.
    “I mean, the whole thing’s a scam anyway. The gas-fired turbines [installed as back-up] make as much electricity over two weeks over the summer than the wind farm would make in a year. It’s not about cleanliness, the whole thing is about money.”
    Just after 11am, a restrained Jones finally took the podium and cast a wary eye over the mostly mild banners (“stop the spin”; “Epuron is indeed like Eddie Obeid”) that conspicuously failed to mention the PM. But there was some savvy wordplay on the refugee issue — “Stop the wind turbines, we’re the real refugees” screamed one placard, with the silhouette of an Indonesian vessel crossed out.

    Damn Nazi’s

    • Now I know the answer. You see I know my noisy old Landrover emits all sorts of noise and whenever I am driving, I sometimes get the urge to urinate. It must be ultra low frequency noise. The other day while driving it I also got an itchy nose. That hasn’t happened before and once while on a long drive I got leg cramps. It’s all become clear to me now.

  2. Yes speaking to an electrical engineer its allegedly tricky to put wind power into the grid as its an irregular supply, but personally I prefer solar; why can’t Australia be the solar nation it seems absurd