Denier Comment of the Day, August 6 2013

Today’s DCOD comes from The Hockey Schtick

hockey schtick

Bwuuahahahahaaaa….pffftttttt…oh crikey! A new peer reviewed paper published in E&E and guess who has written it? drumroll….Fred Singer.

So there you go. No need to read it folks. A non-expert known for engaging in cash for comment publishing in the deniers’ dodgy journal of choice. How could the denier over at the Hockey Schtick resist?

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3 responses to “Denier Comment of the Day, August 6 2013

  1. I’m soooo loving your work!

    ps Please forgive me if I’ve missed the relevant post, but have you commented yet on Carter, Spooner & co’s famous book (Taxing the Air)?

    Apart from either a really naive or incredibly disingenuous review by alleged ‘intellectual’ Paul Monk in last Saturday’s Lifestyle section of the Age, I’ve not been able to locate anything other than typical glowing praise from the usual wing-nut deniers and their fellow travelers.

    I could totally understand if you haven’t bothered to; as you’re no doubt aware, it’s just a rehash of the usual misinformation/misrepresentation/distortion/fabrication regarding climate science that we’ve all read and heard a zillion times before from deniers. I mean, how could anyone have faith in the credibility of a tome that in all seriousness recommends Mark ‘Swiftboat’ Morano’s Climate Depot; Watts Up With That?; Jo Nova’s site and Quadrant as just some of the sources providing “independent” and “spin-free” info about climate science? Demented!!!

    • Hi Lee and welcome. No I haven’t bothered and for all the reasons you have alluded to. I’m starting to think that these people are preaching only to the congregation and that congregation is dwindling. I did have a brief exchange with Bob Carter where he basically had too admit that even his own published papers in his field shouldn’t be trusted.

  2. All I have to say is: E&E = joke.
    I may have taken the piss in my blog post on them: