Historic Killer Methane


from Arctic News:




The Severity of the Threat and the Tragic Moral Failure to Address It

by Gary Houser

All who might dismiss this title as “exaggeration” and the opening photo as “alarmism” owe it to their children and grandchildren and the future of humanity to read on. Large scale thawing and release of previously frozen methane gas has wiped out great swaths of life before and is quite capable of doing so again…. Read more here.
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2 responses to “Historic Killer Methane

  1. The real shocker is how nobody’s listening.

    • Gregory T

      Pendantry.. I agree that it’s a shocker. But I believe that the problem lies at the feet of the Denier Movement, who demand evidence, even though they can’t provide any peer reviewed evidence to the contrary. This forces the scientists, to present reams and reams of peer reviewed studies to the masses, who are then overwhelmed by the shear complexity of the problem and then shut down, because it all becomes to much. This is the position that the Denier Movement, thrives on. They can pick and choose (cherry pick) the slightest inconsistencies that are bound to occure within such a vast amount of information and then claim all the science is false, even though the studies, all come to the same conclusion, AGW is real. The denier movement causes “grey noise”, which makes all noise sound equal, when in fact it’s not.