A right wing lunatic and guess who’s following?

So, I’ve been following the #auspol #ausvotes hashtags on Twitter today to gauge the feelings in the world of Twitter about the election. Understandably, some people are upset and some people are happy. I came across one twit though that is…well…. something else.  Before reading the tweets, a language warning. It’s pretty full on.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ummm lnp prefs

So there you go. We have racism, sexism, foul language, homicidal suggestions, bizarre nationalistic xenophobia and other stuff I don’t even have a name for.  Someone probably needs to educate this person about the preferential voting system and point out that the Liberal’s only received 31% of the primary vote and the Liberal/National/LNP received less than 50% primary. In fact I might just do that. I’m all in for a bit of sport.

Now, this barrage of vitriol from someone of questionable sanity is one thing, and I’ve come to expect it, especially from the loony right, and it is bad enough, but the thing that I do find disturbing is this…

followed by tony

Yep, that’s right, our PM elect, Tony Abbott is a follower of this person. Sometimes you can really judge a person by the company they keep. Why does Tony Abbott follow this person? What insights does he expect to learn? Perhaps he thinks this person is funny? It wouldn’t surprise me. He has a disturbing, inappropriate and creepy sense of humour.

Abbott body contact

I don’t hold much hope of getting a response but I will endeavour to get one. Personally, I’d like to know why a senior politician is following somebody on Twitter who thinks Labor and Green voters should be pushed off a cliff.


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7 responses to “A right wing lunatic and guess who’s following?

  1. I’ve just reported that particular tweet about Michelle Grattan as being abusive. I could have reported many others but hopefully one should be enough.

  2. Skeptikal

    Not a word about labor’s crushing defeat

    SNIP: Skeptical, Rule 1 of my blog rules is to keep it relevant. This post refers specifically to Tony Abbott following an individual who is homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic and promotes violence. Please keep your comments relevant. At some point on the future I may do a post discussing the election results and you will be more than welcome to comment about it then. As for the personal insult you directed at me, well…..welcome to the land of moderated comments.

  3. john byatt

    Penny Wong on ABC

    LS. “will the senate support Abbott to scrap the carbon tax?”

    Wong ” Climate change did not stop because Abbott was elected”

    Abbott will have the numbers from july next year though

    correction needed for this

    “##### only received 31% of the primary vote and the Liberal/National/LNP received less than 50% primary”


  4. cousincat

    Another tweep alerted me to this wingnut. His(?) tweets are so insane, I queried if he(?) was legit. Naturally, I then copped a vitriolic & offensive spray from him(?). Totally cra-cra!!!