An Open Letter to the LA Times

In light of the recent decision by the LA Times to not print letters to the editor from AGW deniers comes this awesome open letter. In the spirit of fairness I think the science deniers should have their say about this terrible case of censorship so here it is…


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4 responses to “An Open Letter to the LA Times

  1. Jp

    That’s a beauty. Don’t know who the editor is, but he deserves some sort of award…or nomination for president…or something. And that letter should be reposted everywhere just to give deniers the shit. You can’t reason with those morons; ridicule is the only way to respond to them. Some of them are so fucking thick that it’ll go right over their heads. I wouldn’t be surprised at responses along the line of, “what a stupid letter…I never said the earth was flat.”

  2. Has this letter actually been published in the LA Times – I get the impression it has just been published on Slate – that is what is meant by “Open Letter” (is it not?).