mass extinction

In this video, comparisons are drawn between the events that led to the end-Permian extinction and our current trajectory in terms of CO2 release and anthropogenic global warming. The climate system and physics don’t care about the source of CO2. They will just do what they do and we will have our consequences. It is easy for deniers to dismiss this sort of video as “alarmist” but the onus is on them to explain why the possible outcomes won’t happen without resorting to magical or wishful thinking. Good luck with that.



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2 responses to “mass extinction

  1. Absolutely brilliant, Mike. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Contrarian meteorologist, Richard S Courtney, would not like it if I had posted this video in response to his foolishly-complacent comment on WUWT.

    • Even if I weren’t blackbanned at WTFIWWAW I’m not sure I would bother commenting over there. I don’t even bother grabbing comments to ridicule anymore. The vast majority of commentators over there are beyond help and I’m not even too sure anyone lurking there is any better. I’ll have to take your word that the ever dopey Courtney would not like it. I won’t visit that denier den and give Watts another ‘view’ to falsely and childishly claim as more ‘evidence’ that he is correct and actual scientists and experts wrong. Regardless of the idiots in this world, like Watts, and the even more idiotic flying monkeys in his attick, like Courtney, AGW is here and now and will continue on despite their wilful ignorance, denial and misinformation. Not that they ever were very important, they are fast becoming completely irrelevant. Most of their followers will start dying of old age in the next decade or so anyway. By then, we will have our one world government selling the air we breath so the mega rich Jewish bankers can implement their communist regime on the unsuspecting masses while they secretly negotiate with the grey aliens to prevent the second coming of Jesus Christ, or whatever ridiculous nonsense those idiots believe.