Conservative nutcase.

I occasionally get the odd slightly weird commentator coming here and venting their spleen at me, trying to be funny or threatening or whatever because they don’t like what I have written. Most of them go away once they realise my comment rules negate their ability to have their scientifically inaccurate, whacky or abusive garbage published.

Now, normally, I would just ignore these people but last night, I had a rather special visitor and I think his comments need to published. To protect his identity I have changed his screen name to “Dopey” in the following comments. Take note of the time.

So, here we go…

Submitted by Dopey on 2013/11/05 at 2:32 am

You see I don’t care if the comment was posted… I only care that you read it…. thanks for that!!!! Tony Abbott is Prime Minister…. Tony Abbott is Prime Minister…. Tony Abbott is Prime Minister…. And you are nothing but a failed activist pretending to be a scientist…. failed… failed… failed…. You are simply incapable of understanding the rational and nuanced arguments of the “sceptics”… because you are… well… a loser… you played politics and you lost… because…. Tony Abbott is Prime Minister…. My God you are so stupid and predictable… I just won $50… THANKS!!!!!! Don’t worry… I wont be posting to this blog again… It’s like shooting fish in a barrel… Psychologists have a theory about people like you being sexual inadequate…. It must be true…. 97% of people who read The Conversation agree…. Maybe Lewandowsky could write a paper… But Tony Abbott is still Prime Minister… enjoy the next 6 years… because you have sown the wind and you will reap the whirlwind…

“Here in Australia, in some circles, the Senator would likely be given the nickname “Shitfer” which is short for “Shit for brains”. ” WOW Ja’mie… you should contact Chris Lilley… you are a genius writer…. Bitch Private School Girl who is “So Quiche”…. or “Angry Boy” who needs a testicle transplant… wow… what a range…Shitfer… S.Mouse could write a song about that…

You see in Physics… Newton proposed three laws in what he considered to be the “successive approximation” of the laws of motion (actually he would have said “Natural Philosophie” or something similar). Being an Environmental Scientist you probably don’t know what Physics is… you should check it out… it’s really instructive… Physics explains why water is wet and why the sky is blue…

Anyway, his second law was that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… He was talking about Physics…. you are going to learn about Society… you see… in Society for every action there is a opposite reaction… but it is not always equal… actually… it tends to be disproportionate…

BTW… are you sucking [name removed] membership… or are you just good friends

Phew, he won’t be posting to this blog again. That’s a relief….oh wait….

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!!

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!!

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!!

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!!

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!! Well said

Great comment Dopey…. you are a genius!!!!! I think that 97% of the Dopey’s agree… it’s a consensus!!! Only a denier would disagree with Dopey!!!

Thanks Dopey…. You Know I make Sense!!!!

Dopey… don’t you think that people may be put off by your Dopey genius?

Are you a Dopey sceptic or something… I bet you are paid by the Dopey Institute for seal clubbing…. Based on your comment I can tell you are not a real Dopey… You’re a pretend Dopey… sent here to troll….

You should read “Merchants of doubting Dopey” by Dopey… he shows how evil Dopey Corporations sow seeds of doubt with the average Dopey in an attempt to con the average Dopey!

Oh Dopey… you should be nominated for a Nobel prize!!!

Thanks Dopey but I don’t need accolades… Being a good Dopey is reward enough….

Dopey then changed his email address (to something quite disgusting) and his handle

Now why would I do this??? You just have a sleep on that….

I guess that means I can expect more of the same filling this blog’s “pending” folder when this bloke wakes up. Oh, did I say “pending”? I meant “trash”.


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12 responses to “Conservative nutcase.

  1. john byatt

    i was thinking that you should highlight the comment


  2. The “too much alcohol” tag is generous.

  3. Gregory T

    I didn’t realise that you were doing an after hours session for the socially inept and emotionally retarded. I always wondered where the blog rejects went to get their fix.

    • Gregory – Your response cracks me up…don’t know just does. It is amazing some of the responses we get when, especially, writing about politics. And, I tend to get the crazy liberals. It goes to show, there are some crazy people out there! Thanks for the good laugh!

  4. Let’s hope he wrote that from a lunatic asylum.

  5. There comes a time when you just have to say to people like ‘Dopey': “Could I just interrupt you? I’ve stopped listening.” And follow through by not listening regardless of how provocatively stupid they are. People like ‘Dopey’ need an audience to confirm their relevance. My guess is he probably has his own blogspot but no one visits it, hence the search for relevance here. Psychologically speaking, ‘Dopey’ fits a well known stereotype within a mental health issue.

    • ‘Dopey’ is a regular commentator at a denier den. In his case, by changing his name I have taken away anything he can gain from having his views published and in this case, his comments go a long way to highlighting just how nifty some of these idiots are. Even if he did gain some satisfaction I would hope the bigger picture would be more important and that is more disdain for conservative idiots. I spent some time deciding whether to just ignore this idiot or not. Regardless I wont even see any of his future comments as they will be automatically trashed and deleted.

  6. john byatt

    Dopey paraphrased

    May 3, but the alarmists want to suspend democracy, gas us and tattoo us. that is a real threat

    what is wrong with just a private threat to some alarmist scientist to get them to stop telling lies

  7. Bronwyn

    I’m amused that Dopey is an Abbott supporter. Not much more needs to be said really.

  8. john byatt

    someone at sher’s blog having a whinge
    i suggested he come and see just how insane Dopey is

    Harpo says:
    November 4, 2013 at 12:23 pm
    Wow…. I just spent a bit of time looking at the site and another one called uknowispeaksense (or whatever). It really gives you some insight into the minds of an activist. Of particular interest to me was the Six Aspects Of Denial posts and the treatment of Farmer Dave. There is no attempt to reason with anyone. If you agree then you’re OK, if ask a difficult question then you are an idiot and if you disagree then you are a heretic. If you catch them out (like Farmer Dave did) they just tell you that you are wrong and call you an idiot and a heretic (and then ban you I suspect).

    It is a microcosm of the activist-science being practiced by the IPCC and its’ more zealous advocates.

    john byatt says:
    November 8, 2013 at 1:17 am
    well he does get some nutcases there Harpo, check this one out