morons like…

this idiot…

Thank you for the wonderful personal attack in response to a fairly innocuous reply to some one that is equally mentally delusion as what you get up finding yourself faced with every day. Tony Abbot does not know you nor does he care about your kind of people, as most of the sane world does. You are so inconsequential and delusional that the people in white coats should be just around the corner to gather you up when the carbon tax is repealed and Australians can prosper and expand their economy again with out the restrains of idiots like you and what’s her name, (edited). You are fun to poke and that I will do using your Facebook account. You should do like whatshername and cancel your account. Mike.

Okay…first, I’m going to ignore your personal attack on me complaining about personal attacks. Unlike you, I am not a hypocrite.

Second, your comment wasn’t “innocuous“, it was abusive and creepy.

Third, you say “…some one that is equally mentally delusion as what you get up finding youself faced with every day.” Are you sure English is your first language? I will assume you are actually insinuating that I am “mentally delusion” here although the way it reads it could be referring to anyone…even you.

Fourth, I would certainly hope that Tony Abbot (sic) does care about my “kind of people” as he has been elected to represent all Australians, not just the loony right wingers. That’s his job. In my country, the office of Prime Minister is meant to be above politics and decisions the Prime Minister and his government make are meant to be in the national interest. While people like you bleat on about freedom, the way you act and talk is akin to that of a facist. The irony is immense. But what exactly is my “kind of people“? That would be middle class, hard working, clean living, family oriented, tax paying, law abiding, educated, generous and intelligent people. You are correct, Tony Abbott doesn’t care about my “kind of people” but you are correct when you say “most of the sane world does.

Fifth you say, “You are so inconsequential and delusional that the people in white coats should be just around the corner to gather you up…“. Gee I hope so! Since I moved to Queensland, I have found it difficult to secure a decent job in my scientific discipline due to the very right-wing, backward and loony Campbell Newman sacking environmental scientists left, right and centre. Some scientists gathering me up will be great.

Sixth, “...when the carbon tax is repealed and Australians can prosper and expand their economy again with out the restrains of idiots like you and what’s her name, (edited).” It pays to do a little bit of research before commenting so you don’t look stupid. Too late in your case. While the rest of the world really struggled over the last 5 years due to the GFC, Australia’s economy was one of the few that continued to grow. Why? Left wing government. After the introduction of the carbon “tax” the Australian economy continued to grow at a rate higher than most of the rest of the world. I guess my “restrains” were fairly innocuous.

I had to pull my secret admirer’s comment out of the spam folder where his crap ends up. Apparently he hasn’t realised that I have blocked him on Facebook and did so a long time ago. I’ve had a couple of stalkers before but they gave up long before this goose.

I know you are reading this, dopey, so go ahead, poke me on Facebook if you can. You have been blocked there. Maybe you’d like to try my email although you won’t get much joy there either. Your emails will end up with the penis enlargement, internet dating, Nigeria scams and viagra emails where they belong. That’s quite apt really. Perhaps you will follow me on Twitter @uknowiSS?

So, who is my secret admirer? I guess if you are inclined to bother you could work it out from previous posts and comment history but I wouldn’t. It’s not worth your time. I did however do a short post on angry old white males once. He fits that mould with the exception that, rather than listening to Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt, my secret admirer, being an American, lists the following people in his list of page likes on Facebook:

Fox and Friends: No need for any explanation however, I do recall that there was once a study that showed people who relied only on Fox news knew less about the world than people who didn’t watch any television at all….scary

The Huckabee Show: ““Huckabee” is a weekly #1 rated weekend show on Fox News which airs Saturdays & Sundays at 8PM ET.” The top rated Fox show is hardly an endorsement.

Brigitte Gabriel: President of some mob called ACT for America, a xenophobic, uber right-wing, nationalistic organisation dedicated to painting all Muslims as terrorists.

Allen West for President: A fan page for a loony Tea Party Republican congressman

United States Senator Mike Lee: A Tea Party alligned lunatic.

Ted Cruz: Another Tea Party alligned lunatic.

Conservative Daily: “The page for conservative Americans.”

Glenn Beck: Possibly the looniest (and the loudest) of the uber right wing cable TV hosts.

Anyone seeing a pattern here? Next…

CFACT: With posts like this…With sea level, extreme weather, temperature, polar ice and evan polar bears all stable…” Say no more.

Laura Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly are also in the list of pages that my secret admirer follows. It’s no wonder he is the way he is. 

At first, I figured the only thing he had to gain with his idiotic comments was getting his loony message out there but now that I have banned him, he seems to gain some weird satisfaction in being banned and ridiculed, almost as though my kicking him to the curb vindicates his whacky position. Sad, weird and….well….sad.

In the bigger picture, the one thing that those of us who accept the expert consensus on the climate can take heart from, is knowing that in 20 years, the vast majority of the angry old white males, the science denying right wing retards, like my secret admirer, will be dead or infirm. By then, the ever-shrinking voice of dissent, ignorance and scientific illiteracy will be nothing more than a quaint curiosity, like flat Earthers, moon-landing hoaxers, 9-11 truthers and various other conspiracy theorists, and the rest of us will be able to get on and do what needs to be done to fight and adapt to climate change, unimpeded. Hopefully by then it won’t be too late.


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  1. Huruk

    Can understand your frustration but keep up the good fight.

    • john byatt

      yes they are frustratingly stupid, letter in local paper today, climate models disprove CO2 greenhouse theory,

      not even wrong

  2. john byatt

    talking about morons

    Mr Abbott said they were difficult decisions that included “shades of grey” and believed it was better for the Government to adopt a “pragmatic” and “common sense approach” rather than one based on “theology”.

    guess who is being touted as ABC chair?

    • Bernard J.

      John, prayer seems to be the only option left because intelligence and rationality don’t seem to have worked.

      I’ve posted this elsewhere but it doesn’t hurt to do so here – Australia’s Peter Christoff is not exactly optimistic about the future:

      Christoff’s comments are measured and informed, and his observations on the effect of late action should have any genuine leader sitting up in his or her seat.

      In light of these comments I cannot believe the obstinate idiocy of the Coalition, who are willing to destroy their grandchildren’s world for whatever passes as thought in their minds. And they can’t ever say that they weren’t told, because we’re telling them over and over and over again.

      And for those trolls who would shout “alarmist!”, it’s only alarmist if the warnings are overblown. The warnings from science are certainly alarming but they are also conservative and that means that they are most definitely not alarmist.

      What is alarmist is the nonsense that we “can’t afford to act”. Humanity cannot afford to not act, and it cannot afford to not act immediately.

  3. Bernard J.

    Speaking of morons…

    The ABC’s PM just broadcast an interview with Bernard Collaery that indicates why Alexander Downer was so shrill about the ABC and the Guardian revealing Australia’s spying on Indonesia…

    It seems that our government when Downer was foreign minister was very naughty indeed, and there are moves afoot now to try to close the barn door even though the horse has bolted.

    The interview’s worth listening to when it’s posted on the PM web site.