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I’m no expert on surveys so when I received a request to fill out a survey from the Scottish, Climate and Energy Forum (SCEF )I was initially reluctant to fill it out. I didn’t know who they were or what they were about. What was their motivation? I decided to check them out so I visited their website.

The first thing I like to do when I visit a climate website is check out whose blogs they are promoting….who their friends are. They have Bishop Hill, Judith Curry, ClimateAudit, a couple of antiwind blogs and ScottishSceptic the owner of which I received the invite from, Mike Haseler. I was surprised to not see my favourite two deniers, Anthony crybaby Watts and JoNova. The website is a veritable treasure trove of denier nonsense with everything from Mike Salsby lectures to a pdf called “Global Warming the Facts” complete with some dodgy uncited graphs and the IPCC schematic, much loved and often misinterpreted as a graph by deniers, that shows the medieval warm period being warmer than today (up to 2000).

Anyway, Mike Haseler, who claims to be  “a Climate Scientist as I am more of a scientist than most who work on climate” which is code for “not a climate scientist” is the chairman of SCEF and runs the blog “ScottishSceptic”. According to his ABOUT page he is a bit of a legend in his own lunchtime but his link to climate science is extremely tenuous. Building temperature controllers and measurement equipment makes Mike as much a climate scientist as being able to change a car tyre makes me a world champion rally driver.

Anyway, I figured, with a non-expert “agnostic” running an opt in survey about the background of people engaged in  the “debate” about climate through a denier den website with no prospect of any results from the survey ever being published in a peer reviewed journal, it was worth responding. Here is my survey…

q0102q03q04q0506q07q08q09q10q11q1213q1415q16q1718q19q20Before I submitted my survey I did change the answer to the last one to “response 1/50″. Anyway, that was fun. It might be interesting to check back on the SCEF site in future to see how they spin and then extrapolate their results. I have a fair idea already.


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8 responses to “dodgy survey

  1. 4monty7

    You’re a wicked man! Personally, I never participate in a survey unless it entitles you to Flybuys-type points that can be redeemed for shopping vouchers, etc.
    PS There is a typo in the response “sumfing random”, it should be “sumfing randim” possibly even “sumfink randumb”.

  2. That’s trolling if ever there was. :-)

  3. In my opinion, just the response the survey deserved. Maybe I should do the same, or maybe I won’t even waste my time even doing that.

  4. john byatt

    and nothing about privacy, amateurish

  5. Thanks for mentioning it. We were expecting perhaps a 100 responses but instead there are over 1400. The key thing is that in 20 30 40 50? years when we’ve all long stopped arguing, no one is going to know who the participants of this debate were unless someone asks the question.

    • In 20, 30, 40, 50 years the percentages of peoples’ positions in the “debate” will closely mirror that of the scientific consensus. Deniers will be recognised by nearly everyone as fringedwellers, space cadets, patsies and delusional idiots and their own decendents will not be pleased with their legacy, brought on by lack of action to which they contributed. Water shortages, food insecurity, mass migration, violent and unpredictable weather, massive losses of biodiversity, ecosystem collapse and economic turmoil. Future historians will not be kind to deniers. Let me know when you get your tiny, poorly designed and administered survey results published in a respectable journal.