Why climate change defeats our short-term thinking – On science, religion, politics and ideology | Judith Brett | The Monthly

Sometimes we come across short essays or other pieces of writing that are so well written, they present our own thoughts perfectly such that it is impossible to see any other way of saying what they have said. This is one such piece. Please share this widely.

My only criticism is that Judith Brett could have used an alternative title. My suggestion “The cognitive deficiencies of climate change deniers and why their mental disability will affect future generations.”

Why climate change defeats our short-term thinking – On science, religion, politics and ideology | Judith Brett | The Monthly.

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2 responses to “Why climate change defeats our short-term thinking – On science, religion, politics and ideology | Judith Brett | The Monthly

  1. Gregory T

    I find it astonishing that John Howard, seems to draw his climate change/global warming knowledge, from two readings of that bastion of climate science, Nigel Lawson’s Appeal to Reason, a 144page(a virtual tome in today’s liberal/denier parlance), peerless, fact less, diatribe. And what’s more freighting, is that he must of, loaned it to Abbott, who is just as adept in perpetuating his mentors misguided attempt of statesmanship, truth and wisdom.

    • I often think back to when I was in high school and we had a few of those future career type classes in Year 9 where we were supposed to give a lot of consideration to what we wanted to do as adults. One thing that has really stuck with me (partly because I have a sibling who ended up a state politician for more than a decade) was a chart that listed perhaps 200-300 occupations and graded them according to the level of education and intellect required. Essentially there were five groups and each occupation was coded with 3 letters. There was no significance as far as I could tell to the first and last letters for each occupation, but the middle letter was a vowel, and this one was the qualifier. So, the code for a surgeon or a lawyer or scientist was an A. Next came things like an accountant or engineer and this was an E. You get the idea. Down amongst the used car salespeople in U was politician.

      Abbott, is no scholar. Sure he might be a Rhodes scholar but he only received mediocre grades in wanky sociology subjects that I am pretty sure my teenage children would ace with their eyes closed. He is a narcissitic sociopath only interested in power. Deep down though,he knows he is an intellectual lightweight and compensates for that through pathological lying and sucking up to influential, equally sociopathic people like billionaire miners and Rupert Murdoch, who only give him a hand with a promise of returned favours. He even lies to himself. In orderto maintian his relationship with those who prop him up he has to buy into the loony right wing garbage. His dilemma though is his need to try and appease the moderates on his side who aren’t climate change deniers and hope to capture swinging voters. That is why we see him using weasel words and flipflopping all over the place. In the end though, it is intellectual paucity that allows him to latch onto the simplistic denier canards. It’s all he can cope with. I used to think that he was just deliberately dishonest about his position on climate change but I am inclined to think now that he doesn’t have a real position on anything but rather just says what he thinks his particular audience wants to hear. He is a pathetic, unintelligent panderer, way out of his depth and now a little lost as he has achieved his aim without any thought about what to do once he did.