A few odds and ends.

Cleaning up my computer (I’m hopeless at storing files in an orderly fashion) I’ve decided to stick a few posters I’ve created in a post here to share before deleting them. I’m certainlyno graphic artist having only Paint and Powerpoint to make them. Naturally they are political and I’mquite pleased with them but I do need to make space….

wordsmatter too expensive Morrison says MARCH malcolms median Lip Service 101 hansen FionaNashLiar dr karl dodgy reporting republic troll ultimate conservationists batman brandis bookcase ludlum notinmyname on the nose

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4 responses to “A few odds and ends.

  1. I like the one about timber workers being ultimate conservationists the best.

  2. john byatt

    Scott has really gone viral, but reckon the Morrison one was a good find also