Israel and Australia – some racist parallels

I’ve always been fascinated by the apparent hypocrisy of some Israeli people when it comes to the issue of racism. Personally I don’t subscribe to the whole “Jewish race” hypothesis. As far as I’m concerned, people are just people and Judaism is just another whacky religion. Anyway, Israel is always bleating on about the persecution of Jews by the Nazis, which was of course a horrible saga in recent human history, but what I don’t understand, is how some Israelis can bitch an moan about the persecution of their “race” on one hand but then proceed to persecute others? I’m not just talking about Palestinians here, but anyone who isn’t Jewish.

The video below was a real eye opener for me. Now, while it is extreme, pay close attention to the language being used. I’ve had a few major arguments with rightwing loonies here in Australia about our government’s appalling asylum seeker policies and some of the language used by those people are very similar to the language used by rightwingers in this video. My question is, is the Abbott government trying to stimulate the uber loony right wing elements of our society the way they have been in Israel?


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3 responses to “Israel and Australia – some racist parallels

  1. If the fantasy exists in the minds of a group such as the Jews then it exists for them, the advantage of being in this type of group gives strength in numbers, and as a self proclaimed identity of the superior race, which ironically is the same as what the Germans were claiming, and the extent of acquisition of land having gained real estate by proxy, now Israel.
    The interesting claim of the Jews, as the special race, is genetically the same as the race they are oppressing, they are all Arabs.

  2. ssshhhhh don’t tell the Jews they are Arabs. They may not cope and decide to lob a few missiles over the border to make themselves feel superior.