Why people shouldn’t read LimitedNews publications

Australians are being deliberately misled on the very real and present danger of climate change by a dominant rightwing media so that their vested interests are protected. Unfortunately ,many of my fellow Australians are too ignorant to see it. Many of those wilfully so.


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6 responses to “Why people shouldn’t read LimitedNews publications

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    Deniers are winning the climate war.

    • Sir Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Lord Dingittover-Hugh


      As you and other regular readers of many blogs would know I’ve been saying for a few years now that denialists have already won the war. The fact is that we’re already about a decade and a half past a point where urgent and significant action should have started, and there is already locked-in a significant amount of harm to the biosphere.

      The only question that remains for humanity is how much do we want to salvage of the only planetary ecological system in the known universe?

      Humans are evolutionarily maladapted to face this existential crisis. The trivial evidence for this is our failure to act to date on curbing our ‘greenhouse’ gas emissions. Had this been a plague of lions and tigers and bears, or of Nazis or Communists thundering over the horizon with guns and bombs, we’d have been on a war footing from before the end of the last millenium, but we don’t (as a species) have the neurological nous to understand that there is no effective different between global warming and an enemy at the mouth of the cave, except in terms how how many more meals one can squeeze in before it kills you (or all of your decendants…).

      It’s apparent that Homo sapiens is naturally adapted to the following of leaders but with the emergence of technology (starting with fire…) the flaw in this system is that we can follow sociopathic leadership over a precipice. For decades we’ve lacked in just about all nations the bold, charismatic, wise, educated leaders, free of vested interest, that are needed to motivate the Churchillian responses required. Instead we’ve had insipid people-placators at best, and psychopathic elitists at worst.

      The immoral consequence is that it will be the most innocent of all who pay the highest price. All of us who have lived through the last few decades and who have had a voice with which to speak are culpable for this, to the extent to which we spoke up and acted for others than ourselves.

      Every year, every month, every day that people continue to ignore scientific rationality in favour of their collective self-indulgence is another is another increment taken toward a mutually-assured destruction at least as profound as a global nuclear conflagration. Believing the propaganda of the Murdochs of the world is one step taken to that end…

      • Yes, I understand exactly how you feel. It is extremely frustrating to see the problems we face & find it near impossible to get the necessity for urgent action across to other, even family.

      • My dear Sir Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Lord Dingittover-Hugh — may I call you ‘Bernie’? — hear!, hear!, well said. Could I interest you in my campaign to get our species renamed from ‘homo sapiens sapiens’ to ‘homo fatuus brutus’? (s) Appalled of Biosphere One.

  2. Gregory T

    I remember years ago, the old cartoon of the man with sandwich board sign, that said, “The End is Nigh”. It was usually to do with a apocalyptic prediction, of a religious sense. Now it’s the mad scientist, blaspheming God’s natural order and bring treated with the same disdain.
    At what point, do you you just shake your head and say “Fuck It”, the end Is here and let God suffer fools.