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How the electricity industry is trying to block solar part 2

Following on from RenewEconomy’s earlier post. Here is the rest of how the fossil fuel generators try to discourage the uptake of solar.

How the electricity industry is trying to block solar part 2.

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NSW flags wind farm planning changes as it seeks to move turbines

I really am at a loss trying to understand idiots like Pru Goward, Joe Hockey and Alan Jones when they try and justify their beliefs that wind turbines cause illness. I’m not going to rehash how stupid this actually is. If you like you can read about it here, here, here and here. Personally, I find the argument that wind turbines are ugly or “utterly offensive” even more ridiculous.


Anyway, read all about the latest nutjobbery from conservative NSW politicians here.

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How the electricity industry is trying to block solar in Australia

Photo credit: Justin McManus

Well they would, wouldn’t they?

How the electricity industry is trying to block solar in Australia.

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Dear stalker

Dear Stalker/Troll

Thankyou. Through your obnoxious and somewhat disturbing harassment, you have forced my hand.

For a long time now, you have persisted in commenting to my blog or on my Facebook page knowing full well that your comments will not be published as they consistently breach my blog rules and you have proven yourself a serial pest. Why would you do this? The way I see it, there are three possible reasons.

1. You are a moron with very little understanding of the internet or how it works. This is a distinct possibility given your demographic.

2. You are a sociopathic sexually impotent stalker suffering from the Dunning Kruger effect who gains some sort of perverse pleasure in making me facepalm and bang my head on the desk reading your inane comments when they appear in my spam folder.

3. You are insane.

I’m betting on option 2…..or 3. There is something seriously wrong with you and you should seek help.

Anyway, like I said, you have forced my hand. I am no longer allowing any comments on my blog. This is not really a problem for me and you have done me a favour. Most of my subscribers…..actually all of them except for you, accept the scientific consensus on climate change and so don’t really feel the need to comment on any of my posts. In the meantime, morons like you clog up my spam folder and moderation queue with idiocy. You and your idiotic denier friends are a waste of my time. Now that I will NEVER see any of your comments again, I will have extra time to post important information about climate science. I feel that this is what is important to the vast majority of my subscribers. I’m sure they will be silently thanking you too.

As for my Facebook page, I have blocked you personally. Just to be sure that you can’t comment on my posts there by changing your name, I have made my page unavailable for everyone in Thailand so I guess you will have to to travel over the border to comment or get one of the 3 Facebook friends who don’t have you muted to comment on your behalf. That’s right stalker, Facebook “friendship” is a fickle thing.  Oh but wait…they can’t.  Facebook filters and all.

Of course you could still try and force you lunacy on me by emailing me but it will end up in Spam with the viagra pushers, never to be seen again. Quite apt really.

NOTE: To my sane followers, this is the last post of this type you will see.

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My AGW denying stalker troll has kicked the habit…or has he?


This post could end up anywhere. Where to start? ……………. I know….

I have a stalker. Almost from Day 1 of my blog, I have had a serial idiot pest commentator whom I have had to block due to his complete disregard for the blog rules, let alone his pure idiocy. Despite the fact this moron commentator knows his comments will be heavily moderated at best, he persists with inanity. Every time he imparts his wisdom, to dodge the spam filter he has a new email and IP address and he alters his name. Now, as every other WordPress blogger knows, first time commentators end up in moderation, and I suspect my stalker is aware of this too. I now suspect that this clown commentator knows full well he won’t be published but wants to ensure I see his comment when it ends up in my moderation queue, hence his going to all the trouble of changing his email and moving around all the time when he comments. I suppose I should be flattered that this loon person has taken such an interest in me and wants to save me from delusional acceptance of established science.  I should add too that he also occasionally tries out the same tactic to comment on my Facebook page. When that isn’t successful he resorts to talking about me on his Facebook page so his handful of “friends”, most of whom probably have him muted, can appreciate his idiocy insights.

Artist’s impression of my stalker

Okay okay, I know that writing about this wanker commentator may only embolden him because he will know I am talking about him now, but I just feel compelled to admit that this time he’s gone all out. We’ve all come across some truly idiotic climate change deniers in our time, but now, my stalker has really shone. My last blog entry, was a reblog from Greenman discussing the fact that Google has withdrawn its support for a large loony right wing American think-tank called ALEC and that this was perhaps the start of such actions by other large institutions. The post was wrapped up in a metaphor of a dyke bursting. I am 100% certain that I don’t need to explain it any further for all but one of my subscribers. So what did my climate change denying stalker have to say about this post? He referred me to this from the “Johnstown Pennsylvania Information Source Online”….


On June 1,1889, Americans woke to the news that Johnstown, Pennsylvania had been devastated by the worst flood in the Nation’s history. Over 2,200 were dead, with many more homeless. When the full story of the flood came to light, many believed that if this was a “natural” disaster, then surely man was an accomplice.

Johnstown in 1889 was a steel company town of Germans and Welsh. With a population of 30,000, it was a growing and industrious community known for the quality of its steel. Founded in 1794, Johnstown began to prosper with the building of the Pennsylvania Mainline Canal in 1834 and the arrival of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Cambria Iron Company in the 1850’s.

There was one small drawback to living in the city. Johnstown had been built on a flood plain at the fork of the Little Conemaugh and Stony Creek rivers. Because the growing city had narrowed the river banks to gain building space, the heavy annual rains had caused increased flooding in recent years.

There was another thing. Fourteen miles up the Little Conemaugh, 3-mile long Lake Conemaugh was held on the side of a mountain – 450 feet higher than Johnstown – by the old South Fork Dam. The dam had been poorly maintained, and every spring there was talk that the dam might not hold. But it always had, and the supposed threat became something of a standing joke around town.

But at 4:07 p.m. on the chilly, wet afternoon of May 31, 1889 the inhabitants heard a low rumble that grew to a “roar like thunder.” Some knew immediately what had happened: after a night of heavy rains, the South Fork Dam had finally broken, sending 20 million tons of water crashing down the narrow valley. Boiling with huge chunks of debris, the wall of flood water grew at times to 60 feet high, tearing downhill at 40 miles per hour, leveling everything in its path.

Thousands of people desperately tried to escape the wave. Those caught by the wave found themselves swept up in a torrent of oily, muddy water, surrounded by tons of grinding debris, which crushed some, provided rafts for others. Many became helplessly entangled in miles of barbed wire from the destroyed wire works.

It was over in 10 minutes, but for some the worst was still yet to come. Darkness fell, thousands were huddled in attics, others were floating on the debris, while many more had been swept downstream to the old Stone Bridge at the junction of the rivers. Piled up against the arches, much of the debris caught fire, entrapping forever 80 people who had survived the initial flood wave.

Many bodies were never identified, hundreds of the missing never found. Emergency morgues and hospitals were set up, and commissaries distributed food and clothing. The Nation responded to the disaster with a spontaneous outpouring of time, money, food, clothing, and medical assistance.

The cleanup operation took years, with bodies being found months later in a few cases, years after the flood. The city regained its population and rebuilt its manufacturing centers, but it was 5 years before Johnstown was fully recovered.

In the aftermath, most survivors laid the blame for the dam’s failure squarely at the feet of the members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club. They had bought the abandoned reservoir, then repaired the old dam, raised the lake level, and built cottages and a clubhouse in their secretive retreat in the mountains. Members were wealthy Pittsburgh steel and coal industrialists, including Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon, who had hired B. Ruff to oversee the repairs to the dam. There is no question about the shoddy condition of the dam, but no successful lawsuits were ever brought against club members for its failure and the resulting deaths downstream.

Source: National Park Service – US Dept. of the Interior

Ummmmmmmm wtf?

John…. I don’t know what to say. Either you don’t know what a metaphor is, or you do and have finally come to acknowledge that climate change, like the South Fork Dam, is man-made. Congratulations! Welcome to the team and please keep those comments coming from different names, email addresses and IP addresses. They are pure gold. You constantly reinforce my desire to educate people about anthropogenic climate change, remind me that I am more intelligent than some people, and genuinely flatter me with your obsessive behaviour. Please don’t take my rejection of you as homophobia though. It isn’t. I’m just not into angry old white men. You’re just not my type.

Finally this from his latest comment….

I now get your stupid updates and am sick of seeing the stupidity that you post in the name of science.

John, we both know you want my updates. You have always wanted my updates. Why else would you persist? You can unsubscribe if you like.  You won’t though, because deep down you know you are wrong and that science is right. You deal with this internal conflict by constantly trolling stalking messaging me and numerous others in a lame attempt at maintaining willful ignorance. This desire you have to constantly reinforce your ignorance is unhealthy. It’s okay, John. I understand. I used to be a heavy smoker for 18 years. I loved those things and I would make all sorts of silly excuses to not give up. Afraid of admitting my addiction, I suppressed everything I knew that science was saying about the negative effects of smoking. Eventually though, common sense and courage prevailed and I kicked the addiction and you know what? It was easier than I thought it would be.  Climate change denial and right-wing nutjobbery is also an addiction. You just need a dose of common sense, science and courage to kick it.

Finally, thanks John for giving me yet another IP address, name and email to put in the spam filter. You now occupy more than half of it.


I really struggled with what to use as a title for this post. I went through about 5 possible titles. In the end it was a choice between what we have now and “Troll-baiting 101″. I decided not to use the alternative because troll-baiting was not my original intent even though that’s how it now appears. Actually that’s not true. It came down to a best-of-three coin toss.


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Ignorance is crippling Australia

and its wilful ignorance at that

Ignorance is crippling Australia.

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More Wind Turbine Syndrome madness

Many years ago, I was living and working in Tasmania on a number of research projects which saw me driving all over the State and getting to see the best that Tassie has to offer. I love the place.

Early on in my stint, I noticed as I drove up the Midland Highway, a number of old Eucalyptus trees standing alone in paddocks with sheets of tin wrapped around their bases looking a bit worse for wear. I mistakenly assumed the tin was placed on the trees to prevent cows from rubbing the bark off them. That was until I asked one particular farmer. He told me “the bloody possums are killing the trees.” I was reliably informed that this was a common thought amongst a number of farmers in the district. Apparently someone saw a few possums in a tree and then a month or two later the tree was looking sick. The possums hadn’t been seen there before and now the tree was sick. Logical? Yes. Correct? No.

The possibility that a few nectar slurping marsupials can kill a large gum tree through undetermined means does exist but the probability is close to zero. What is more likely is that these very old, remnant forest trees, now isolated and subject to a century or more of soil compaction, changed soil chemistry, nutrient deprivation and drought were simply pegging out. Any effect of possums likely negligible.

This sort of simple logic is what drives belief in “Wind Turbine Syndrome” or as I like to call it “NIMBY + fossil fuel funded misinformation syndrome”. I wasn’t going to do any more posts about this bullshit but sometimes the stupid burns so much I have to get it off my chest.

I have to thank Ketan for this retweet.


I couldn’t resist. After all the other weird and whacky symptoms and effects attributed to wind turbines I’ve read about I couldn’t resist one involving mustelids in Denmark. So I followed the link and before reading, did a quick scroll and was horrified to see this image…

mink and baby

I thought “OH MY GOD!” Wind turbines are causing babies to be infested with ferrets! On reading though I was relieved that this wasn’t happening. It was just the equally implausible idea that wind turbines were causing spontaneous abortions in minks on a mink farm in Denmark as well as causing the mustelids to attack and kill each other…allegedly.

I’m not going to bother explaining again that WTS has no basis in medical science and that infrasound is all around us (and produced by us) in levels greater than that caused by wind turbines. Feel free to search this blog for all that stuff. I’d like to look at a couple of other things…. like what could be the possible cause of the miscarriages and fighting in these rodents and the possible motivation for blaming wind turbines.

Something to note about this article is that it is very vague. It mentions veterinarians but does not provide any references to any official reports about the incident. The author does provide a link to a Danish blog that mentions the farmer and where his farm is and discusses his submission to a Danish parliamentary committee. The language in that article is very emotive and would appear to be written with a particular slant. It also doesn’t cite any official veterinarian reports, merely mentions “veterinarians”. The farmer himself, as reported, made claims that the politicians must all be deaf and in need of hearing aids and are “in the pocket” of the wind farm industry. On reading it I was given the impression of a crazy old farmer with NIMBY syndrome and an anti-green bent looking to blame someone for problems on his farm.

So, what could be the problem? Firstly, I’m not a mink expert, but just a little bit of reading the scientific literature reveals that minks are subject to a range of diseases and conditions including botulism, black leg,  septicemia, encephalitis, rabies, deafness, dwarfism, distemper, liver flukes and other parasites. Some of these diseases result in a range of abnormal behaviours including cannibalism and tailbiting. Of most interest though, is the possibility that these minks contracted Aleutian Disease. This disease is well documented (paywall) as causing spontaneous abortions in minks. Maybe that’s it?

This paper discusses the disease in Denmark. The part that I find particularly interesting comes from the very first lines of the abstract.

In Denmark Aleutian mink disease (AMD) is a reportable disease with law enforced annual screening of all mink farms. Furthermore, all mink moved between farms have to be tested negative for AMD before moving. If more than 3 seropositive animals are found by counter current immune electrophoresis (CIEP), the farm is regarded as AMD infected according to the legislation.

That would be a real bummer for a mink farmer in Denmark with a dislike of politicians. How much easier to blame those awful wind turbines? Just saying.

So what about the Wind Turbine Syndrome blog? It has Nina Pierpont listed on its header. She is a medical doctor  who is the architect of “Wind Turbine Syndrome”, which has no basis in medical science. As far as I can tell Pierpont has never published a medical or scientific paper on any subject.

The contact details for the blog are for someone from the World Council for Nature. While on the surface, many of their “concerns” seem noble, I find it odd that they claim to be all about protecting the natural environment but don’t see fit to mention climate change. It is the elephant in the room when it comes to ecology and the environment. They do however not like any forms of renewable energy. On the surface it is a very very strange ideological position to take. Perhaps they are one of these strange “God’s will” mobs? I don’t know.

But back to the article in question. It relies heavily on references from the Waubra Foundation. Sourcewatch has a comprehensive discussion about them and I urge you to read it all. I will sum it up though. They don’t live anywhere near Waubra, spread misinformation about wind power, actively lobby against it in Australia, are funded by fossil fuel interests and have very close associations with conservative politicians and a far right-wing fossil fuel funded “thinktank”. Can anyone say “vested interests”?

In conclusion, what we have here is……well….I’ll leave it to my readers to decide.



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