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Big Arctic Warm-Up Predicted For This Week: Melt to Speed Up, Or Sea Ice to Show Resiliency Due to Variability, Strength of Negative Feedbacks?

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Rate of Sea ice volume decline for all months

(Rate of Arctic sea ice volume decline with trend lines for all months in the PIOMAS measure. Updated through June of 2014. Image source: Wipneus.)

What it really all comes down to is heat energy balance. Beneath a warming, moistening Arctic atmosphere, sea ice loses resiliency due to slow attrition of the ice surface, due to loss of albedo as ice melts, and due to slower rates of refreeze during winter. Atop a warming Arctic Ocean, sea ice loses bottom resiliency, tends to be thinner and more broken, and shows greater vulnerability to anything that churns the ocean surface to mix it with the warming deeper layers — storms, strong winds, powerful high pressure systems.

It is this powerful set of dynamics under human caused climate change that has dragged the Arctic sea ice into what has been called a ‘Death Spiral.’ A seemingly inexorable plunge to zero or…

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The Expansion of Antarctic Sea Ice and Self Correcting Science

“The Antarctic is not Galileo”….. and neither are the hoards of moronic deniers who think they are. Well written article and that study raises some important points. I have long thought there must be something wrong with the data as GRACE has been showing consistent of loss of mass in the Antarctic. It would be counter-intuitive to think that area is expanding by as much as was claimed when the volume is decreasing.

The Expansion of Antarctic Sea Ice and Self Correcting Science.

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The Monckton Files: A Hero Has Fallen!


pfffttt. I can imagine any letter of his Lordship’s sent to a university would end up stuck on a tearoom fridge for everyone to chuckle at. For Willis to grovel so publicly to his Lordship is vomit-inducing sycophanticy of the highest order and really speaks volumes to his judgment about anything. Monckton is an idiot.

Originally posted on Climate Asylum:

Hang around the Watt’s Up With That? blog for any length of time, and it will become apparent that His Lordship, Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is all but worshipped by many of the regulars there.  No matter how absurd Monckton’s intellectual flagellations, Anthony Watts will post them, and hordes of credulous commenters will heap adulation upon His Lordship.  One of Monckton’s long-time fans is Willis Eschenbach–construction manager, climate hobbyist, and frequent contributor to both the blog and the Heartland disinformation conference.  Willis, unfortunately, learned what happens if you express strong disagreement with anything Monckton says, i.e., Monckton threatens to sue you.  Yes, Monckton has turned yet another corner, and has begun threatening his fellow climate change contrarians, in addition to the typical academics and reporters.  Witness poor Willis begging his fallen hero to reconsider!

Christopher, please, I implore you as a friend, cease with…

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100% renewables and a higher standard of living in a developing country.

We are often told by various idiots that burning coal is the cheapest form of electricity and that if we move away from it, poor people in developing countries will suffer. Well, I wonder what they think about Costa Rica moving to 100% renewables and supplying electricity to people at a fraction of the cost of traditional sources? Read that again if you need to. That’s right, a developing country is showing it is economically feasible to produce electricity from 100% renewables while lifting the standard of living of its people. Read about it here.

$1 bin geothermal project takes Costa Rica closer to 100% renewables.

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New Global Warming Gases Found

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Scientists Discover Three New Global Warming Gases - Comparison of air samples has revealed three new global warming gases and the evidence suggests they are man-made, reports Responding To Climate Change. Global warming gases have 3 or more atoms in their molecules, which allow them to trap heat that fuels global warming.

Industrial pollution has probably contributed many man-made heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, but not necessarily in quantities large enough to significantly contribute to global warming for most gases, but what of their aggregated impact as a threat?

OO Threat from new gases found in air

Join the swelling numbers of voters TELLING Congressthey’ll vote for Clean Energy candidates here: . This is an ongoing campaign (the next Congressional election is this year!) so please, spread the word. It’s our way of telling Congress that a strong clean energy voting bloc is out there. This…

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Pretty flowers and angry lemmings

Originally posted on Arctic Research:

This is a post in a serie about the Arctic part of our global study of plant invasions. Click on these links for more information about me or my research!

The first day of our field trip to Abisko was already a big win. We had both weather ànd nature on our site, which resulted in some unforgettable views and moments.

Globe-flower overlooking the valley

We left Belgium in warm summer weather, but skies in the north were even brighter and the sun seemed to burn even harder.

The alpine spring

In the mountains, plants showed their most beautiful looks while they were profiting from the first really good days of warm sunshine. In July, the Subarctic spring is in full glory.

Snow in the mountains

Snow was melting everywhere, making our climb to the highest elevation quite the adventure. We had to cross large patches of snow. Creeks and rivers were all flowing with melting water. Even the path was often changed…

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Solar’s new weapon – knowing the weather forecast

Solar’s new weapon – knowing the weather forecast.

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Last week, wind energy was the new base load in Australia

Last week, wind energy was the new base load in Australia.

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Perth gets two largest rooftop solar systems

Perth gets two largest rooftop solar systems.

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Australia’s Bush

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