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  1. murphyred

    Just a quick heads up – check out the article ‘Victory Declared for the Climate Denialists’ – in today’s The Drum.

    • Thanks Red. I had seen this one. I started subscribing to Graham Redfearn recently. I wouldn’t mind reading the Manne essay though I suspect it just says what I have been thinking for quite awhile and that is that money can buy stupidity. I also think though that within just a few years, most people will be forced to accept reality when the Arctic is completely ice free at least once, if the PIOMAS modelling is correct, and there is no reason to suspect it isn’t.

  2. Sick of Green Faschists

    Money surely buys stupidity….

    snip. Well done. First visit here and you’ve been snipped. Familiarise yourself with the rules of my blog if you wish to comment further.

  3. Mike,
    not sure whether I left my entry on the right page. I assume you’ll get it anyway. thanks for all the hard work.
    Peter Gardner

    • Thanks for that and welcome. I just managed to dodge my own facepalm. Anthony would desperately like to not be called a denier and somehow swing it around the other way and in his little bubble world where he wilfully ignores the real scientists in favour of morons like Bob Tisdale I guess that’s what happens. Given that he seemed to think a couple of undergrad units on climate related subjects allowed him to claim he had a degree in climatology, his judgement on anything relating to climate is questionable.

  4. Greetings, I enjoy reading your blog. This article maybe of interest to you:

    Cheers, Kurt Liffman

  5. Hi Mike. Why are comments turned off for The astounding global warming impact on our oceans that will reduce cloud cover and bring tears to your eyes…?

    I just wanted to say that I had not read your post when I started to read Lovelock’s book (Revenge of Gaia) and/or write my post about it recently.

    Has anyone falsified Lovelock’s finding that the Earth’s total ecological carrying capacity could fall off a cliff at 500ppm CO2..? All I have seen is people like Bjorn Lomborg getting free publicity in supposedly-sensible newspapers like the New York Times – repeating the lie that there are no limits to growth at all. See Joe Romm on ThinkProgress for details/background.

  6. Anonymous


    SNIP. You obviously decided to comment before reading the rules of my blog. Feel free to familiarise yourself with them. You see, I’m really not interested in what idiots like you have to say. I realise and appreciate that what you typed is something you probably considered witty and funny, but in reality it was actually quite lame. By moderating it, I have done you a favour in that anyone else reading here will not be able to confirm that you are in fact an idiot and will just have to rely on my assessment to that end. As you don’t seem to have anything of real value to add, I will advise you to go elsewhere with your stupidity. All of your future comments, will be placed in moderation, and should you come up with something vaguely coherent I will consider publishing it.

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