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special person alert!

Well……. every now and then we come across special people. While commenting at another blog, I came across a special person.

Now, as my regular readers know, I’m not in the business of providing a forum for climate change deniers, conspiracy theorists etc. It becomes tiresome having to correct them and demonstrate where and how they are wrong. Science is not on their side leaving them with feelpinions and feelpinions have no place in science unless they are tested and backed up scientifically.

Today however, I am going to make an exception. I am going to provide a link to a blog that is….. well….. a whole special little world of feelpinions, mathturbation, pseudoscience, conspiracy ideation and the list goes on. What makes this special little blog so special is that everything is written by one person….one special person…. one special person with a LOT of time on his hands. I am posting the link to his blog because it is an excellent example of everything that science isn’t and because the author thinks I am afraid of his brilliance.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you the next Galileo. Bask in his brilliance here.



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What is the world doing?

Recently I blogged briefly about Costa Rica moving rapidly towards 100% renewable energy generation in the next few years. Read about it here.

Well, while our backward right-wing climate change denying government battles with the Canadian government to be crowned “Idiots of the Century”, the rest of the world is getting on with the business of dealing with the issue. Of most interest is Central and South America. What they are doing exposes the myth that coal is essential for economic growth and stability due to its relative cheapness and that, in the words of our moronic Prime Minister Tony Abbott, that it is “good for humanity”.

On that note….


Anyway, to see what the rest of the world is doing, go here.

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So much for global warming!!!!!

Antarctic sea ice extent has reached 20 million square kilometers! Its obvious this means global warming is a massive scam concocted by the New World Order in order to inflict socialism on the unsuspecting masses….isn’t it?

The denialosphere yet again went into meltdown (pun intended) with the news out from NASA last week that Antarctic sea ice broke its record for extent since satellite records began. The usual clowns posted the usual dopey garbage designed to force-feed ignorance down the throats of their cheer-squads. I’m not going to provide the links to these idiots. They are easy enough to find if you really want to do some serious face-palming.

Now while this is already week old news, I was prompted to post this after seeing one of my friends on Facebook trot it out. I won’t go into the easy to understand explanations for why you shouldn’t compare the Arctic with the Antarctic, because it’s been done to death everywhere and quite frankly should be as commonly understood by everyone. If you do happen to be someone who doesn’t understand the differences, a good primer is here.

So, why is sea ice extent in the Antarctic increasing? Because, physics.

The important thing to take from this video explanation is that while sea ice extent is increasing on average each year, Antarctic ice volume is decreasing. Of course the other explanation is that the mind altering chemicals being sprayed by commercial jets are making us all crazy. Damn those socialist Jewish bankers!

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Brazil’s Rainforests Are Releasing More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Thought

from ScienceNewsline.com

Because of the deforestation of tropical rainforests in Brazil, significantly more carbon has been lost than was previously assumed. As scientists of the Hemholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) write in the scientific journal Nature Communications, the effect of the degradation has been underestimated in fragmented forest areas, since it was hitherto not possible to calculate the loss of the biomass at the forest edges and the higher emission of carbon dioxide. The UFZ scientists have now closed this knowledge gap. According to their calculations, the forest fragmentation results in up to a fifth more carbon dioxide being emitted by the vegetation.

To estimate the additional carbon emissions at the forest edges, the UFZ scientists developed….

Read the rest here.

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Science Shows How Climate Change is Baking Australia | Climate Central

An Australian perspective. Personally, I’m not looking forward to this Summer. I suspect more records will tumble as the previous 12 months have been the hottest on record globally and ENSO conditions looking favourable for above average temperatures.

Science Shows How Climate Change is Baking Australia | Climate Central.

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13 misconceptions about global warming

Derek Muller is a science communication expert. He has a well known YouTube channel called Veritasium. His videos are always informative and entertaining. He has a real knack at taking complex science and making it accessible to many. He is also very good at dispelling common scientific misconceptions. Many of his early videos highlighted just how poor average people’s understanding of basic everyday physics, chemistry and biology is and I urge you to go and check them out.

In this video, Derek dispels 13 of the most common denier canards that we all come across. Enjoy.




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Vanishing Nature: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Originally posted on Climate, People & Organizations:

The declining diversity of our biological systems has been an on-going feature of human history. As we have developed ever more ingenious and efficient technologies to harness and exploit the natural world, so our impact on nature’s bounty has been crushing. One of the most emblematic examples of this process for me was reading Mark Kurlansky’s marvellous history Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World. Once a bountiful species (so great in number that John Cabot famously proclaimed in the 1490s that men could walk across the backs of cod on the Grand Banks), Atlantic cod were by the 1990s decimated through the introduction of industrial fishing techniques. Indeed, recent human history is littered with similar examples of species decline and extinction as a result of our industry. Reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s recent book The Sixth Extinction, one of the most tragic is the story of…

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