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Why not? They f**k everything else.

The future of mountain gorillas if mining companies get their way.

The future of mountain gorillas if mining companies get their way.

Not content with warming the globe, displacing people, ripping off 3rd world countries and generally ruining the environment, oil companies want to risk sending mountain gorillas to extinction. Read about it here.


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The Exponential Function and Growth

Something a little different today. If you’ve got an hour to spare, I urge you to watch this video. Its fairly old and crappy quality but it’s still extremely relevant. Dr Andrew Bartlett presents a lecture on the exponential function and how it applies to sustainability, growth and resources. Deniers who think we can just go on the way we are more than likely have no idea of basic arithmetic. Sit back, relax, take notes. It’ll be worth it.




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Denier Comment of the Day, November 10, 2012

Something a little different today. I decided to check out some of the comments over at YouTube and one really doesn’t have to look to hard to find idiocy at its finest. The comment today comes from some clown calling himself patioperson. Get ready, wear headgear…oh and you better strap yourself down lest you fly off this spinning planet.

Personally, I blame the education system.


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Donald Trump and wind turbines

Apparently Donald Trump has tweeted some nonsense about wind turbines being ugly and bird killers and the usual crap. I’m  not going to go into the facts and figures about birds, windows and domestic cats. I’d rather just share this poster.

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