Where deniers fear to tread.

I usually don’t visit climate denier blogs because quite frankly, the vast majority of them are just cut and paste jobs of the same old garbage. They keep posting non-science from the same old credibility-free clowns like his royal highness “Lord” Monkton, Anthony Watts, Bob Carter, Pat Michaels, James Delingpole and various others. The overwhelming thing I notice is the over reliance of these various denier blogs on propaganda to try and support their argument. Very rarely do they actually report anything that actually counters the AGW hypothesis on a scientific basis. Don’t get me wrong, they show plenty of graphs of cherrypicked data and plenty of mined quotes taken out of context but thats about it.

One area of research that you will never see mentioned in denier blogs, is that of range shifts in various species caused directly by human induced climate change and global warming. On this blogsite I have highlighted a number of randomly picked studies plus provided a list of peer reviewed papers on this topic. This list is just a mere drop in the ocean of course.

In 2008, there was a seminal paper published in the the highly esteemed journal Nature. This massive study by Rosenzweig et al has found unequivocably that human induced climate change and global warming is responsible for the vast majority of range shifts in so many species. The species included plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, crustaceans, insects, fungi and bacteria. But how many species are we talking about here? Well after excluding data sets where land use change or other factors could have played a part, the researchers report that of the 29500 data series they analysed, more than 90% had shifted their range as a direct response to climate change. Each data series were for periods exceeding 20 years and patterns were analysed using multiple statistical techniques.

My challenge to any deniers that might be reading this is to go to the paper, obtain a full text copy and try and debunk it. Try and be scientific. Good luck.

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