Update to previous post.

For the full story including the following update, check out my previous post.

Here is just the updated part.


Well,  just as I suspected, Geoffrey did the cowardly thing again and rather than post a rebuttal here, decided to do it over at his blog so he can have complete editorial control. What has he got to fear?

Anyway, here is his rebuttal.

Geoff’s childish and cowardly “rebuttal”

As usual, I have tried to respond at his blog but it won’t be posted despite my adhering to his rules. If he was going to be completely honest, he would change his rules to include, “Posts will not be published if they provide evidence that I am a cowardly weasel.” So, here is what my response to Geoffrey was.

My response to Geoffrey, that won’t get published….again.

Again, I say to you Geoffrey (yes I know you’re reading this), don’t be a coward. Don’t play these childish games. Man up. You are doing yourself a disservice by engaging in these questionable and very juvenile tactics.

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