The CSP – spreading lies like the weed in it’s header.

Do I have a degree in genetics? How about molecular biology? Geology? I studied these subjects at great length during my undergraduate years. I know I have a very good understanding of them. Is that enough for me to claim I have a degree in them? In short, no. I’m an ecologist. That was my major.

Does Anthony Cox, have a degree in climatology? Don’t ask me? Ask him, just as Michael brown did. I’ll provide a link to the entire conversation but here are the screenshots to save you from scrolling for miles.

He then goes on to list the subjects as well as text books and whatnot and I urge you to check out his complete post at the link I provided. What I love about this response is Anthony’s reference to age. To paraphrase, “I’m older than you therefore….”. Anyway, after reviewing Anthony’s detailed list….

So, what is left for Anthony to do? Apart from go on the attack somewhere else where rebuttal comments can be filtered (seems to be a pattern of behaviour within that group), he posts this…

So, it is apparently “unreasonable” for Mike Brown to suggest that Anthony Cox doesn’t have the qualification he claims to have when that is actually the truth of it. The only possible reason that the CSP could have for inflating Anthony Cox’s qualification on their website is to add credibility to their party. They would love to have a real climatologist in their AGW denial political party. But they don’t. Why not just say, “Anthony Cox studied some climatology subjects as part of an undergradute Bachelor of Arts degree.”? At least that is truthful. Speaking of truth, I have highlighted the MO of another of their mob previously. So what is it with them? Remember, birds of a feather flock together, and they want to get turkeys into the Senate.

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